China News Agency, Paris, May 16 (Reporter Li Yang) On May 16, local time, Jean Castel, who served as French Prime Minister for nearly two years, submitted his resignation to President Macron and resigned as Prime Minister.

Macron then named female minister Elizabeth Borne as prime minister.

That night, Castel and Borne held a handover ceremony at the Prime Minister's Office.

  Castel, speaking at the handover ceremony, said that since July 2020, as the head of the French government, he has dealt with a series of extraordinary events.

He specifically talked about the new crown epidemic, saying that everyone is united to deal with it.

He especially expressed his gratitude to the medical staff.

Castel also spoke positively of his successor Borne, describing her as capable and upright.

  After the handover ceremony, Castel shook hands with the staff of the Prime Minister's Office to bid farewell.

He left the Prime Minister's Office on foot, waved outside the Prime Minister's Office, and finally left in a car.

Castel hosted a farewell dinner at the Prime Minister's Office last week.

  During Castel's tenure as prime minister, one of the most important tasks of the government was to respond to the epidemic, and introduced a number of important prevention and control measures such as health passes and vaccine passes.

At present, the epidemic situation in France continues to ease, and most prevention and control measures have been lifted.

  Borne said that night that he would be committed to promoting the response to climate change and taking measures to protect the purchasing power of the French people.

Outside analysts generally believe that Borne will face heavy work tasks after he takes office as prime minister.

On the one hand, she needs to implement the relevant campaign promises made during Macron's re-election campaign, and on the other hand, she has to prepare for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

  Borne became the second female prime minister in French history.

Cresson, the first female prime minister in French history, described Borne on the 16th as having "rich experience" and the appointment of the prime minister was a "good choice".

Cresson was appointed prime minister by then-President Mitterrand in 1991, but served for less than a year.

  Borne, 61, was labour minister in Castel's government before he was named prime minister.

She has also served as Minister of Ecology, Minister of Transportation and other positions before, and has also led the Paris Mass Transit Company, and has more experience in labor, social welfare and other issues.