Guillaume Dominguez 07:06, May 16, 2022

The question of the burkini is revived by a decision made this Monday by the municipal council of Grenoble to authorize or not the "covering jersey" in swimming pools.

What the law says ?

At the legislative level, the wearing of this jersey intended for Muslim women is authorized, but in establishments, it is rare.

The Grenoble city council must decide on Monday on the wearing of the burkini in the swimming pools.

What to publicize again this full swimsuit: is it authorized in France?

In 2018, after the first controversy, the government returned the ball to the municipalities by highlighting the principle of constitutional secularism.

In theory, it is therefore allowed.

But in practice, this is not really the case.

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Europe 1 conducted the survey of municipal swimming pools in the 15 largest cities in France - around a hundred swimming pools in all.

And they are almost unanimous in indicating that wearing the burkini is prohibited.

The Rennes exception

Town halls limit the wearing of swimsuits to the classic style, such as swimming trunks for men or one-piece for women.

All the others are prohibited for hygienic reasons, according to the municipalities, but there is still a city in France where the burkini is authorized.

Europe 1 noticed a single exception in Rennes, where the city's swimming pools have indicated that the "covering swimsuit" has been authorized since June 2018. The condition for swimming is to wear a swimsuit that respects hygiene and safety conditions .