China News Agency, Fuzhou, May 15 (Reporter Yan Xu) The tea industry exchange seminar between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait was held on the 15th in the Chunlun Jasmine Cultural Park in Fuzhou City.

Young people from both sides of the strait visited the exhibition of traditional production techniques of jasmine tea in Fuzhou, and discussed the current situation and development prospects of cross-strait tea industry exchanges and cooperation.

  At the beginning of the event, Jiang Peiqi, president of the Fuzhou Taiwan Compatriots Investment Enterprise Association, sounded the gong three times on behalf of the participants, implying that the tea business is prosperous and auspicious.

Zhang Zijian, a master of the inheritance of Fuzhou jasmine tea production skills, introduced and demonstrated the seven traditional skills of jasmine tea production on the spot.

  Li Shangru, deputy general manager of Fuzhou region of Taiwan-funded tea company Tianfu Group, is watching and experiencing it with great interest.

"Fuzhou's jasmine tea has a production history of thousands of years, and both sides of the Taiwan Strait share the same origin. Taiwan's jasmine tea production process is also passed down from Fuzhou." Li Shangru said.

  At present, the Tianfu Jasmine Tea History Museum built by Tianfu Group in Fuzhou is about to be put into use, which will add a tea culture card to Fuzhou.

Li Shangru said that he hopes to let Taiwanese youth immersely experience the production process of jasmine tea, and through the carrier of tea culture, let young people from both sides of the strait come and go often and realize that the two sides of the strait share the same origin.

  Fuzhou jasmine tea is made of roasted green tea as tea base, and is made by mixing buds of jasmine flowers with them.

The so-called scenting system is the process of allowing the tea base to absorb the fragrance of jasmine.

In 2014, the scenting process of Fuzhou jasmine tea was included in the national intangible cultural heritage list, which led to the revival of jasmine tea.

In recent years, Fuzhou has introduced a series of supporting policies and continued to implement the jasmine tea brand strategy.

  In an interview with reporters, Jiang Peiqi said that both sides of the strait can jointly inherit and innovate tea culture, extend the industrial chain of traditional tea, and inject strong impetus and vitality into the development of the tea industry on both sides of the strait.

  "In fact, tea is not only a good thing passed down to us by our ancestors, but also a very fashionable thing. The two sides of the strait can make some innovations in the cultural exchange of tea. I believe that if the two sides of the strait join hands, we can create more innovation and more beauty. " Jiang Peiqi said.