Rumors about the health of Russian President Putin have been raised again.

Just a few months before he invaded Ukraine, he underwent surgery for cancer.

Ukraine's defense ministry said Putin's health was in serious trouble and the war would end by the end of the year.

Reporter Ahn Sang-woo reports.


Russian President Putin, receiving a report from the Defense Minister, is holding the corner of the table in an awkward posture.

At the Victory Day event on the 9th, he was covered with a blanket over his knees even in the image of 10 degrees, and a slightly shaky walk was also captured.

Because of this, health anomalies have been constantly raised, but this time, it was claimed that he had surgery for cancer right before the invasion of Ukraine.

New Lines, an American magazine, reported that "Russian President Putin underwent surgery in October of last year for blood cancer," citing a call from a Russian conglomerate.

Ukraine's Ministry of Defense recently predicted that "President Putin is in serious health problems with cancer" and that the war will end by the end of the year and the Russian leadership will change.


Finland and Sweden, which declared NATO membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, have a variable that is opposed by member Turkey.

Joining NATO requires unanimity from the existing 30 member states, as Turkey has publicly expressed its negative stance.

The Turkish government is questioning the fact that the two countries have shown friendly attitudes towards the Kurds, considered the greatest security threat.

In the midst of this, the Ukrainian six-member band won the Eurovision, Europe's largest music festival, with no votes from the audience.

Next year's Games will be held in Ukraine, but President Zelensky said he would like to hold it in Mariupol for freedom, peace and reconstruction.

(Video editing: Jo Moo-hwan)