Winfried Kretschmann (Die Grünen), Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg, gave a

remarkable interview

to my colleagues Livia Gerster and Rüdiger Soldt


In it he talks about the

"mendacious side of pacifism" in the Greens

, the call for weapons for Ukraine and he defends Angela Merkel's Russia policy.

“Pacifism has never convinced me, although as a Christian you are of course a pacifist at heart.

One need only read the passion story.

When one of the high priest's servants tried to take Jesus prisoner, a disciple cut off his ear.

But Jesus heals the ear and declares: 'My kingdom is not of this world!'

But our situation is different: we are from this world,” says Kretschmann.

That's why he has no moral problem with arms deliveries to Ukraine.

Carsten Knop


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Going to war cheering is unthinkable for a Christian.

“But Ukraine has been invaded – this is about self-defense.

We have to help her with that.

This is a difficult situation for my party because it has

strong roots in the peace movement


That doesn't apply to me now.

May I remind you that Uschi Eid and I were the only prominent Greens who were against the abolition of conscription." And then this question: "When Robert Habeck demanded weapons for Ukraine last summer - what did you think?" "I thought he was absolutely right." "But you didn't say it." "No, and I can't forgive myself for the silence." You can find the full interview here, in which you can also marvel at the fact that the free trade agreement with Canada in a world like this still does not stand.

There are terms in sport that trigger a certain feeling just by hearing or reading them.

Most of the time, they are place names that are synonymous with the extraordinary: "Wimbledon" is such a place word.

Or Wembley.

Districts of London as longing destinations for tennis or football players.

"Marathon" electrifies runners or those who want to become one.

If you embark on the adventure, the

"People's Everest"

to cope, the question arises: "How do I prepare for it?" Achim Dreis from our sports department has compiled the answers.

"When is the date?" should be the first question that a potential marathoner has to answer - and then dig half a year backwards from this point in time.

This means that anyone who wants to start the Frankfurt Marathon on October 30, 2022 should start their preparatory training now - at the beginning of May.

Incidentally, 80 percent of the time the preparation does not go as desired.

The answer to that is serenity.

There are

events in the world of central banks

that appear unspectacular, but are in fact



The Wednesday before last was such a day.

The American Federal Reserve initially announced that it would raise the

US key interest rate by 0.5 percentage points

to a range between 0.75 and 1.0 percent.

Fed Chair Jerome Powell then went before the press and announced in his sober way that the Fed would act quickly to bring inflation under control and restore price stability.

The latter is actually a matter of course for central bankers - and even a rate hike of 0.5 percentage points sounds rather puny.

Those who are not concerned with monetary policy day in, day out may be surprised that many commentators chose one adjective to describe what is happening in America: it is “historic”.

Dennis Kremer, editor in the "Value" department of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper, explains why the choice of words is justified, what that means for the European Central Bank and its interest rate policy, but above all,

ideal ETF portfolio


We hope this is worth reading in every respect.

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