An Indian couple in their 60s has filed a lawsuit against their son and wife, asking them to give birth to a child within one year or pay 50 million rupees or 83 million Korean won.

According to the ANI news agency today (14th), Sanjib Ranjan Prasad, 61, a retired civil servant in Uttarakhand province, said, "I used the money I earned my whole life to make my son a pilot, but my wife and I, who need grandchildren, don't even care about the son and wife." He filed a lawsuit in court.

Prasad and his wife complained that they had no grandchildren after they married their son six years ago to enjoy the joy of being a grandfather and grandmother.

They said, "We don't have much money now because we've poured everything into our son. We're very unhappy because we don't have grandchildren."

Prasad said his son had spent a lot of money, including 3.5 million rupees (60 million won) to get his pilot's license in the United States, and demanded that it be delivered within a year, regardless of gender, whether it be a grandson or a granddaughter.

The Prasads demanded 50 million rupees in compensation if their son and his wife would not give birth to a grandchild.

The 50 million rupees included pilot training for his son, wedding expenses at a five-star hotel, expensive vehicles and overseas honeymoon expenses.

Pra Sadd and his wife made the announcement public at a press conference, claiming that "it appears that the in-laws are preventing grandchildren. The son and wife are pretending to be separated."

The court has set a hearing date, saying that it will hear the opinions of the Prasad couple and their son couple.

(Photo=ANI News, Yonhap News)