This Saturday, the president of Madrid ,

Isabel Díaz Ayuso

, downplayed the importance of the fact that Spain could become the first European country and one of the few in the world to recognize menstrual permits and said that "the only rule" that matters to her "is the rule of three, which is the one they want to remove from mathematics with a gender perspective".

After the inauguration of

Alfonso Rueda

as the sixth president of the Xunta, a ceremony that he attended in Santiago, just as he had done in 2020 with that of the outgoing

Alberto Núñez Feijóo

, Ayuso was asked about the pact reached between the Ministries of Equality and Social Security to include this reduction in the future abortion law.

In the absence of all the fringes being closed and the text reaching the Council of Ministers next Tuesday the 17th, Ayuso has indicated that she is dedicated "to real problems", "it is what I owe myself to", she remarked,

"and no to these questions that do not solve anything"


Ayuso has focused on the act to which he has gone and has stated that Feijóo's landing in Madrid could have been a "bittersweet moment" for Galicians but it is "very special for all Spaniards" and soon he expects even more.

Regarding the Galician Community, he commented that a "new stage" is opening and "this is how it is in politics, life begins every day".

Ayuso has confessed to knowing Rueda for many years and has defended that he is a "very hard-working" man, with a "very defined" personality and, above all, a "very good person" who "goes out of his way" for his land.

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