The liberal Federal Minister of Justice claims in all seriousness that the current legal situation allows conspiracy theorists and fake news slingers to spread any nonsense about abortions - while at the same time qualified doctors are prohibited from providing factual information on abortions.

"That's absurd!" shouted Marco Buschmann in the Bundestag.

No, this is fake news.

Every woman can freely obtain information about abortion.

Even with doctors.

Just as it should be in the enlightened society conjured up by the FDP.

If the federal government then claims that the criminal law on abortion and the ban on advertising for it have nothing to do with each other, then it does not have a high opinion of the citizens' intellect.

Because of course the ban on advertising for injustice (which is not punishable for those affected) is part of the legal concept of the protection of life.

Anyone who, like the traffic light coalition, considers abortion to be completely normal will not stop at the deletion of the advertising ban.

So why is there still an obligation to provide advice?

Why a law at all?

The view from a pseudo-liberal point of view, which feigns obstacles, does not do justice to reality - it shows that the protection of unborn life is urgently required and highly topical.