A Kazakh man who rescued a child hanging from the 8th floor of an apartment with his bare hands has received a big reward from the government.  

According to foreign media such as British Metro, 37-year-old Sabit Sontagbayev, a 37-year-old man living in Nur-Sultan, the capital of Kazakhstan, was on his way to work with a friend on the morning of the 11th when he found people gathered under a building. 

People lifted their heads and looked anxiously at the girl hanging precariously from the window of the eighth floor.

A three-year-old girl found herself in the same situation as her mother went to her grocery store while stacking up her toys and cushions and stepping out of her window. 

Sontagbayev immediately went into the apartment and knocked on the door of the house directly below where the child was hanging.

The resident on the 7th floor gladly opened the door, and Sontagbayev went straight out of the window. 

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Sontagbayev grabbed the window with his left hand and then stretched out his right hand and pulled the child's one leg down.

After hanging on for about 10 minutes, the child fell safely into his arms.   

Son Takbayev finished the rescue operation safely, passing the child through his window to his friend on the 7th floor.

Residents who watched the scene applauded him for saving a life with his valiant act.   

After that, as the video spread on social media, Mr. Sontagbayev emerged as a 'national hero'. 

Sontagbayev said in an interview with the local media, "The moment I saw the child, I just thought that I had to help quickly." "There was no safety device, so I asked a friend to hold my leg tight." 

He continued, "I was afraid I would be late for work, so I hurriedly left the scene without seeing the children's parents." He said, "I do not think of myself as a hero. 

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Mayor Altai Kulginov Nur-Sultan praised Sontagbayev as a "brave citizen" and presented him with a three-bedroom apartment.

He also promised to repay his loan and pay for the summer camp of his four children.

He also said he would help his wife and children move to Nur-Sultan to find a job and attend school. 

Son Takbayev, a construction worker, has been sending the money he earned in Nur Sultan to his wife in Kizilodah, but is now able to live in Nur Sultan with his family. 

(Photo and video = Astana Times website, Nur-Sultan Mayor's Instagram)