WHO = World Health Organization Secretary-General Tedros will move to another measure on the 10th, saying that China's "zero corona" policy to thoroughly suppress the infection of the new coronavirus "does not seem sustainable" He expressed his belief that it was necessary.

It is unusual for WHO to evaluate each country's new corona measures.

China's Xi Jinping leadership is continuing its "Zero Corona" policy to thoroughly contain the infection of the new coronavirus, and in Shanghai, where the infection continues to spread, strict restrictions on going out are being continued throughout the city.

WHO Secretary-General Tedros said at a press conference on the 10th that China's "zero corona" policy "doesn't seem sustainable."

And, "Since the virus has evolved and the infectivity is increasing, it is important to change the countermeasures," he said, and it is necessary to shift to another countermeasure based on the situation different from the initial stage of the spread of infection. He expressed his thoughts and revealed that he had communicated those thoughts in an exchange with Chinese experts.

In addition, Mr. Ryan, who oversees crisis response at WHO, said, "It is necessary to balance the impact on society and the economy with the measures against the new corona," and thinks that the impact on human rights and people's lives should be considered. Was shown.

It is unusual for WHO to evaluate each country's new corona measures.

Chief Cabinet Secretary "Provide support for Japanese expatriates and Japanese companies"

Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno said at a press conference in the morning, "In China, the authorities have implemented strict restrictions on going out as a response to the new corona, which is affecting the lives of citizens and economic activities. In response to this situation, the Japanese government Has provided support for Japanese nationals and the activities of Japanese companies through the local Japanese embassy and consulate. We will continue to closely monitor the situation and firmly support Japanese residents and Japanese companies. " I did.