The remodeling of the Valencian Government that

Ximo Puig

is meditating is going to be much more profound than expected.

The Minister of Education, Culture and Sports,

Vicent Marzà

, has announced by surprise this morning that he is leaving his government work to focus on his party, Més Compromís, ahead of the upcoming elections.

This is the first resignation of a Conseller de Compromís since, in 2015, they are part of the Consell.

Marzà is, along with

Mónica Oltra

, one of the values ​​of the nationalists in the two legislatures of the Botànic, and has promoted laws such as multilingualism to increase Valencian in the classrooms.

However, he already threatened to leave the Government a few months ago, when his name was considered as a replacement for the spokesman in the Cortes

Fran Ferri


The coalition appreciated that a more political aspect would increase in the Cortes even in the face of a relief of Mónica Oltra as head of the electoral poster.

And it is that the situation of the vice president, despite being backed by her party, can be complicated if the TSJ decides to impute her for the alleged cover-up by Equality of the abuses committed by her ex-husband to a minor under guardianship.

In fact, the Minister of Justice, the socialist

Gabriela Bravo

, already slipped yesterday that she would resign "if the credibility of the institution is compromised" and that "three sentences that in proven facts do not leave the Administration in a good position."

At least

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