China News Service, May 11th. At the National Taipei Press Conference held on the 11th, press spokesman Zhu Fenglian said that recently, the live broadcast of Liu Genghong's home aerobics has indeed attracted wide attention, and millions of netizens are in the "Compendium of Materia Medica". 》 "Dragon Fist" and other familiar music backgrounds to exercise on the same screen, gain health and happiness, and feel full of positive energy.

Related topics have also sparked a lot of discussions on the island.

Many Taiwan compatriots truly feel that the mainland is a fertile ground for hope, providing unlimited possibilities for Taiwan compatriots and Taiwanese youth to grow into talents and develop their careers.

  Zhu Fenglian pointed out that in recent years, various localities and departments have launched a series of policies and measures to benefit Taiwan and the people. Many Taiwanese youths seized the opportunity in a timely manner, actively integrated into mainland life, and constantly expanded the stage for chasing and building their dreams, realizing their personal values, and being loved and affirmed by mainland compatriots. .

  Zhu Fenglian introduced that in the field of internship and employment, we actively create conditions to provide jobs to help Taiwanese youth promote employment through internships and start businesses through employment.

78 cross-strait youth employment and entrepreneurship bases and demonstration sites were awarded and established, and by providing employment and entrepreneurship counseling, legal consultation, investment and financing support, etc., to help Taiwanese youth take the first mile to develop in the mainland.

For example, Nanjing Youth Entrepreneurship College base designs characteristic courses, invites experts and scholars from both sides of the Taiwan Strait and well-known Taiwanese businessmen to give lectures, and conducts coaching and training for Taiwanese youth.

The Shanghai (Jinshan) Cross-Strait Youth Entrepreneurship Base held the "Shanghai Cross-Strait Youth Entrepreneurship Competition" to provide a platform for Taiwanese youth to display.

The Dongguan Songshan Lake Taiwan High-Tech Park Base connects resources such as the Dongguan Incubation Association to provide financing support for the entry into the Taiqing project.

  In the field of culture, we have implemented measures of equal treatment, and welcomed and encouraged young Taiwanese cultural workers to come to the mainland to participate in performing arts, film and television, cultural and creative industries and other undertakings.

Many Taiwanese youths have joined the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and the National Writers' Association and other cultural institutes and social groups to show their demeanor on cultural performance platforms at all levels.

Every year, thousands of Taiwanese entertainers participate in the production of radio and film programs, and they continue to perform brilliantly in major theatrical performances, popular film and television dramas, and variety shows.

A large number of young Taiwanese entertainers have gained millions of fans with their professional attainments and excellent works.

What is commendable is that they took the initiative to undertake social responsibilities, paid attention to current affairs, were enthusiastic about public welfare, actively disseminated positive energy, actively paid tribute to heroes, participated in the fight against the epidemic, donated money for disaster relief, and expressed blessings on the centenary of the founding of the party and the birthday of the motherland...

  In the field of education, we continue to create convenient conditions for Taiwanese youth to study and teach in the mainland.

Every year, thousands of Taiwanese students come to mainland universities to study, and nearly 3,000 Taiwanese students from colleges and universities receive scholarships.

Participating in various social practices, social research and voluntary services has also become an important platform for Taiwanese college students to dedicate their love, show their talents, and understand national conditions.

For example, the "Cross-Strait Spring" camp of East China Normal University went to Ludian, Yunnan to investigate the local poverty alleviation and alleviation work, and Taiwan students from Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine participated in the social practice of "Traditional Chinese Medicine Youth Cross-Strait Love, Healthy China Rural Tour", and carried out free clinic services and popular science in rural communities. publicity, etc.

  Zhu Fenglian said that we have issued relevant policies to encourage and support Taiwanese teachers to equally enjoy various awards and awards, and to apply for various national programs, scientific research projects, and fund projects at all levels under the same conditions.

A number of colleges and universities such as Fujian Minnan Normal University, Guangdong Zhaoqing College, Guangxi Baise College, and Hubei Institute of Economics are actively introducing outstanding educational talents from Taiwan.

At present, there are more than 2,000 young Taiwanese scholars teaching in colleges and universities, teaching and educating people and studying culture. For example, teacher Wang Mengjun of Guangxi Normal University, who was awarded the title of National March 8th Red Banner Bearer and actively devoted himself to local services, won the Hubei Province Youth May Fourth Medal, and actively participated in Lai Yanjun, a teacher from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, who works on public welfare law, etc.

  In the field of rural revitalization, Taiwanese youths have used their expertise to deeply participate in agricultural modernization, the construction of beautiful villages, and the prosperity of rural culture.

In Fujian, 97 science and technology commissioners from Taiwan compatriots carried out entrepreneurship and technical services in hundreds of towns and villages, involving machinery, biotechnology, agriculture, environmental engineering and cultural tourism.

Taiwanese youth Fan Jiangfeng and mainland youth joined hands to build the Qida Entrepreneurship Strait Entrepreneurship Base, and helped more than 2,000 people obtain vocational qualification certificates through offline training of rural industrial talents.

In Guangdong, relevant parties have explored the establishment of a cross-strait rural integrated development pilot zone, opened a cross-strait rural "cloud lecture hall", provided strong policy support for the project construction of the pilot zone and the acquisition of land and financing loans by Taiwan-funded enterprises, and attracted young Taiwanese agricultural talents to Guangdong. Entrepreneurial development.

In Sichuan, Dr. Lin Shuren, a young Taiwanese, has deeply cultivated the Daliang Mountains and built a 30,000-mu high-standard olive industry base with an annual oil output of 160 tons, driving more than 6,200 surrounding rural families out of poverty and into a well-off life.

  In the field of grassroots governance, Taiwanese youth have explored new paths for the integration and development of grassroots across the strait with the vivid practice of innovative services and refined management.

After the announcement of the "31 Measures", "26 Measures" and the pilot employment of Taiwan compatriots in public institutions, the field of Taiwan youth participating in grass-roots services has continued to expand.

Xiamen, Fujian recruited dozens of Taiwanese compatriots to serve as community director assistants and community builders to participate in grassroots community governance, and gradually build a new service model of "consultant team + executive team + project-based operation".

Jian Minan, a post-90s girl who passed the community worker recruitment exam and became a street social worker, speaks fluent Shanghai dialect every day and has become a "good girl" in the mouth of the community residents, providing thoughtful and meticulous community services to the residents.

  In the field of medicine and health, Taiwanese physicians continue to write a new chapter in the benevolence of doctors and saving lives and wounds in various places.

Dr. Zeng Renhong, director of the Rehabilitation Department of Fuzhou No. 6 Hospital, participated in the aid work in Xinjiang for one and a half years, actively relieved the pain of the local people, and gained full friendship, nostalgia and family affection.

In the front line of epidemic prevention with the most difficult conditions and the most arduous tasks, there are always busy Taiwan compatriots "Dabai".

Fifteen young Taiwanese students from Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine formed an "anti-epidemic vanguard" to conduct nucleic acid tests for residents.

Cui Liyou, a teacher from Shanghai Health Medical College, volunteered for more than 40 days in a row, and used the "Anti-epidemic Volunteer Log" to record the moments of warm-hearted interaction with local residents.

Dr. Huang Xinyi of Tianjin Third Central Hospital actively joined the front line of epidemic prevention and control, and was awarded the title of "National March 8th Red Banner Bearer in Fighting against the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic".

  Zhu Fenglian pointed out that in addition, in the fields of science and technology, sports and public service, a large number of Taiwanese young people are also working diligently and steadfastly, chasing their ideals in life.

  Zhu Fenglian said that a grand meeting to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Youth League was held yesterday.

Over the past 100 years, the Communist Party of China has focused on the future of the country and the nation, and has always cared about and supported the development of youth.

Looking forward to the future, we are willing to create better conditions for young people from both sides of the strait to get to know each other and grow into talents, build more platforms, and look forward to more Taiwanese youths bravely shouldering the responsibilities of this generation, joining with mainland youths, joining the torrent of the times and participating in great causes. , to become an active participant and a promising builder in the great journey of the new era.