In China, the United Nations has been posted on SNS in China after WHO, the secretary general of the World Health Organization, expressed the idea that China's ongoing "zero corona" policy "does not seem sustainable". It is restricted that some contents cannot be shared with others with the official account that we have set up.

WHO Secretary-General Tedros said on the 10th that China's ongoing "zero corona" policy "doesn't seem sustainable" and that it is necessary to move to another measure.

In response to these remarks, in China, the official account set up by the United Nations on the SNS "WeChat" in China is restricted so that others cannot share the contents of Mr. Tedros' remarks.

The company says that the reason for the restriction is that the content violates the law, and it is restricted that you can not see the video that seems to be the state of Mr. Tedros's press conference.

In China, on the 5th of this month, at a meeting of the highest leadership of the Communist Party, it has just confirmed its stance of adhering to the "Zero Corona" policy, saying that it will "fight firmly against the movement to doubt or deny Japan's infection control measures", and as an authority Seems to be nervous so that Mr. Tedros's remarks do not spread on the net.

On the other hand, on Chinese SNS, "Tedros, who used to stand on the Chinese side, betrayed. We must firmly prevent the spread of false ideas." You will be rewarded, "and so on, criticizing WHO and Mr. Tedros.