China News Service, May 11. According to the US "World Daily" report, Meng Zhaowen, who has served as a member of the US Congress from 2013 in the 6th District of New York State, is one of the only three Chinese-American members of the House of Representatives, and the only one. Chinese-American Congressman from the East Coast.

She said that Asian Pacific American Heritage Month is very important to the diverse Asian American community in the United States, "Usually our parents may have a hard time understanding the meaning of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, because there may only be a single ethnicity in their home country, but after coming to the United States , Asian Pacific Americans have become more diverse, and it is important that the various Asian Pacific American cultures are intertwined and we all work together to make a louder and more effective voice.”

  Although Asian Pacific American Heritage Month has been celebrated for more than 40 years, racial discrimination and hate crimes against Asian Americans have been on the rise since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meng Zhaowen said that discrimination has increased rapidly after the epidemic, and there is still a lot of hatred and prejudice against Asians, and some people are afraid to leave their homes.

  As for future legislative planning, Meng Zhaowen said that she will continue to work to reduce the discrimination faced by Asians and improve the quality of life of the Asian community, and urge the federal government to fully implement the new coronavirus hate crime bill passed last year. Strengthen the education of the people, Asians should no longer be regarded as outsiders; "When people see me, they will ask where I come from and how can I speak English, but I was born here, you don't think to ask a Why do blond white people speak English? Too many people think that Asians will always be foreigners, and even if you have immigrated to the United States for generations, people still ask where you come from.” (He Zhaoyu)