A Paraguayan prosecutor who was in charge of investigations into drug trafficking and organized crime was murdered while on a honeymoon to Colombia.

According to foreign media such as Colombia's El Tiempo on the 10th local time, prosecutor Marcelo Pecci (45) was shot and killed by gunmen at a resort on Baru Island near Cartagena, Colombia this morning.

Claudia Aguilera, a Paraguayan journalist and wife of Prosecutor Pecs, told local media that "while resting on the beach connected to the resort, two men approached in a boat and aimed a gun at her husband."

She continued, "One shot in the face of her husband and the other in the back," she added, adding that "her husband had never received death threats before."

A resort security guard was also shot in the process, but it is said to be non-life-threatening.

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Prosecutor Pecs and Aguilera got married on the 30th of last month and went on their honeymoon to Colombia on the 5th.

Aguilera posted on social media that she was enjoying her honeymoon in Colombia, and just hours before her husband died, she announced that she was pregnant, calling it "the best wedding gift."

However, she was attacked by gangsters, and Aguilera lost her husband just ten days after her marriage.

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The killer's specific motives were not disclosed, but Fetch's colleague, Prosecutor Augusto Salas, said it was "a typical attack method of the drug mafia."

Prosecutor Pecchi has been primarily responsible for investigating high-profile cases such as drug trafficking, organized crime and money laundering, as well as the murder of the Paraguayan governor's daughter last year and the falsification of the passport of former Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho in 2020.

Colombia Police Commissioner Jorge Luis Vargas said, "We have dispatched five investigators to the island of Baru.

Paraguay's President Mario Abdo Benitez said, "The news of the death of Prosecutor Pecs has brought sorrow to the people of Paraguay.

(Photo = 'ABC TV Paraguay' YouTube, 'aguieraclaudi' Instagram)