While Russian troops are intensifying their offensive in the two eastern states of Ukraine, they are engaged in fierce battles with Ukrainian troops over ports and islands in the Black Sea in the south.

As the prospect of a prolonged military invasion increases, Russia will also expand its control of the Black Sea coast in southern Ukraine and cut off Ukraine's maritime transport routes, which may be aimed at damaging the economy.

On the 10th, the Russian Defense Ministry said that it destroyed 74 military facilities such as arsenals and command posts in various parts of Ukraine by air bombing, and pro-Russian faction with the support of Russian troops in Popasna, Luhansk Oblast in eastern Ukraine. Armed groups are said to have taken control and expanded the territory to the border of Luhansk Oblast.

In addition, Russian troops are intensifying their offensive in the South and the Black Sea, such as attacking Odesa, a port city in the south facing the Black Sea, with a missile on the 9th.

On Zmiinyi Island, which is located more than 30 kilometers off the coast of Odessa, the battle between the Russian troops that have been occupying since February and the Ukrainian troops aiming to recapture is intensifying, and Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Konashenkov said on the 10th. "The Ukrainian army tried to recapture the island, but lost 4 fighters, 10 helicopters, 30 unmanned planes, etc., and it was a disaster."

The Russian army has the aim of cutting off the Ukrainian maritime transport route and giving an economic blow by expanding the controlled area to the south while the fighting is prolonged due to the resistance of the Ukrainian side in the two eastern states. Have been seen.

Furthermore, it seems that the Russian army is unilaterally proclaiming separation and independence from the neighboring country of Ukraine, Moldova, and is also considering expanding the controlled area to the administrative-Territorial region where the Russian army is stationed. The government is also becoming more vigilant.