He is a role model for young people and a confidant of young friends.

  "As a public servant of the people, the plateau of northern Shaanxi is my root, because my unchanging belief has been cultivated here: to do practical things for the people!" In Liangjiahe, the young Xi Jinping spent seven years of hardships but benefited a lifetime of educated youth.

  Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping has talked with young students many times about their ideals and beliefs, about the value of life, and about struggle and growth, leading them to take a good life path.

  "Only a youth that has fought passionately, only a youth that has fought tenaciously, and only a youth that has made devotion to the people will leave behind a full, warm, lasting, and regretless youthful memory."

  When youth is prosperous, the country is prosperous, and when young people are strong, the country is strong.

  From 1922 to 2022, the Chinese Communist Youth League was established for the centenary.

Inherit the glory of a hundred years, and book the chapter of struggle.

  Fighters, are young!

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