Thibaud Hue, edited by Wassila Belhacine 10:19 a.m., May 10, 2022

May 10 marks the day of memories of the slave trade, slavery and their abolition.

On this occasion, a statue of the mulatto Solitude, a black Guadeloupean woman, symbol of resistance against slavery, will be inaugurated in Paris in the 17th arrondissement. 

Today is the 17th national day of memories of the traitor, slavery and their abolition.

It will be held, as every year, in the Jardin du Luxembourg.

Just after the ceremony, the City of Paris, in the presence of Anne Hidalgo, will inaugurate in the 17th arrondissement a statue in honor of Solitude, a black woman symbol of the resistance against slavery.

A strong figure of resistance 

In Guadeloupe, Solitude is a real heroine.

Rebellious and firmly committed against the colonial troops of Napoleon Bonaparte, the mulatto girl is captured pregnant and executed after giving birth.

She became a strong figure in the resistance of black slaves.

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"She comes to take her place alongside the male characters, who were already better known as Ignace", explains Dominique Taffin, director of the Foundation for the memory of slavery at the microphone of Europe 1.

Make more room for female characters from overseas

Solitude will be honored with a statue, inaugurated today in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, in a garden that already bears its name.

"Solitude is going to be the first full-length statue of a black woman in public space in Paris. The idea is that we can make room for these female characters from overseas who have played important roles in the fight for freedom and equality", continues Dominique Taffin.

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 Monuments already exist in honor of Solitude in Bagneux in the Hauts-de-Seine and in Guadeloupe, in the commune of Les Abymes, at the very top of the Boulevard des Héros.