President Yoon Seok-yeol, who began his 20th presidential term, started his first official schedule as president by visiting the Seoul National Cemetery.

President Yoon moved to the Memorial Cemetery after greeting neighbors at Acro Vista, Seocho-gu, Seoul, where he lived at 9:50 am today (10th).

When President Yoon appeared in a black suit and black tie, about 250 residents cheered, and President Yoon raised his fists and bumped into the residents to say hello.

Her wife, Kim Gun-hee, who was the first first lady to have an official event together, also greeted the residents with President Yoon in a black suit.

After a while, President Yoon and First Lady Kim Kun-hee, who arrived at the Memorial Hall, visited the Memorial Hall together for the first time as the president and his wife.

President Yoon left his first message as president in the guestbook at the Memorial Hall, saying, "In support of the sacrifice and devotion of our martyrs, we will create a nation of people who prosper together in the Republic of Korea, which takes off again."

(Planning: Jeong Yun-sik / Editing: Cha Hee-joo / Producer: D Contents Planning Department)