In the morning of the National Assembly personnel hearing for Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Lee Chang-yang, there was a dispute over the submission of data for Lee Chang-yang's 'blog account'.

Democrats in particular criticized the candidate for reopening his recently shut down blog and submitting material.

Rep. Lee Dong-ju, in his remarks during the proceedings, pointed out that candidate Lee had posted on his blog three months ago in relation to his recent blog shutdown.

Rep. Lee pointed out, "It is absurd to say that the reason for shutting down the blog that has been running for 14 years is 'there are a lot of social media, which can reduce effectiveness and cause unnecessary controversy.'

He then demanded, "You must immediately restore the blog you opened on Naver to Naver and submit a backup file," he said.

Kang Hoon-sik, a member of the same party, also helped, saying, "I am not very interested in the privacy of my children. I should know what I think."

Rep. Shin Jeong-hoon of the Democratic Party also attacked the blog account, saying, "The situation of poor data submission almost interferes with the hearing," and attacked the blog account, as well as the details of the mother-in-law's inheritance tax and the spouse's gift tax payment, and materials related to the children's entrance exams.

Rep. Lee Cheol-gyu, the People's Power, said, "

Kim Jeong-jae, a member of the same party, also said, "We need to find out if we can restore and submit (the blog)." "If you suddenly look at me and say, 'Have a child,' it is impossible. Please check whether you can (submit data)." and helped out.

(Photo = National Assembly Photo Reporters, Yonhap News)