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At the age of four, he shocked his mother, Queen Federica, when he confessed to her: "Mom, I know you long before you know me, I was upstairs with the Child Jesus, I saw you down here and I told her: 'this is the woman from the one I want to be born with."

Irene from Greece, who was already pointing out ways to become the most unique


in the European cast,

turns 80 this May 11

and surely a beautiful celebration awaits her, because if Don Felipe and the infantas Elena and Cristina agree on something, today estranged, it is in their

love for

Aunt Pecu

, as they nickname her for her atypical personality.

Doña Sofia's sister, who lived in India for a decade soaking up Buddhism, is

vegan, does not smoke or drink alcohol,

nor does she dye her hair

, often buys his clothing based on blouses and wide pants in markets and, every dawn, after walking through the gardens of Zarzuela, where he lives in a suite with two rooms and an office

, he practices meditation


His nephews also profess eternal gratitude to him for being his mother's greatest staff.

"Doña Sofía's loneliness would be tremendous without her sister by her side

. It was when her union with Don Juan Carlos was failing and it is now with the broken family and the King father, who reconciled with his wife in old age, pushed to leave Spain," a character close to the royal family assures LOC.

This Holy Week was verified, perhaps the saddest for Doña Sofía,

because far from those boisterous years when children and grandchildren encouraged Marivent, the Kings broke their tradition of attending the Resurrection mass in the Palma cathedral, one of the few acts that Doña Sofía shared with her granddaughters, Leonor and Sofía.

On Holy Thursday she was seen with Irene in the procession of the Christ of the Blood, totally alone among the standing crowd, sitting on two chairs, a now common image.

Irene, more than a sister, has been her

other self

and surely

the person who has influenced her the most

since when they were little they fought to play with the only doll they had in

exile in South Africa

, which they called



In that country where the Greek royal family settled after the Nazi invasion of Greece, Irene was born, three years after Sofia and two after Constantine.

Irene de Grecia with her mother, her brother Constantino, her sister-in-law Ana María and her nephews Pablo and Alexia, in 1967. GTRES

The late

Sabino Fernández Campo recounted

that one of Queen Sofía's secrets was her

escapades to India

, where she traveled in filthy trains full of outcasts, the underprivileged class.

She was always accompanied by Irene,

who after the 1974 referendum that abolished the monarchy in Greece and deposed Constantine from the throne,

settled for a decade with her mother, Queen Federica, in Madras

, in an


run by the guru Mahadevan, an experience that It influenced Sofia a lot.

Their relationship became closer after the death of her mother in 1981 when Irene, alone, without a country, since she was stripped of her Greek nationality, and without money,

settled in Zarzuela


The idea came from King Juan Carlos, but, extremely discreet, at first

he cloistered himself in her rooms

so as not to alter the family intimacy

"I bring her to accompany


and she does not leave her room"

, protested the monarch.

Irene of Greece with her sister, Queen Sofía.GTRES

With her sister she shares almost everything

: from her childhood in Greece, to hobbies such as

archaeology, travel or classical music

, as Irene is a

virtuoso pianist

who came to perform in 1969 for the Queen of England at the Royal Albert Hall in London. with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.

But above all her solidarity vocation.

Of Doña Sofía they assure that she "would be able to bring sandwiches to Ethiopia in person to alleviate hunger"


Less present now on Zarzuela's agenda, she is focused on her Reina Sofía de Ella foundation, created by her and whose current priority is to offer support to food banks after the crisis unleashed by the pandemic.

Irene, who she personally transported in a Boeing 72

cows donated by the Cantabrian government to India

, he also founded his own NGO, Mundo en Armonía, spread over more than 30 countries, to which he

donated the compensation of 900,000 euros

that he received from the Greek Government for the expropriation of his assets in 1994.

Irene from Greece in a recent image.GTRES

Both also share a similar

mystical vision of life,

Irene within the Buddhist orthodoxy, Sofia more eclectic.

"The Queen is very spiritual, but without rigidity,

if she goes to a Catholic church she prays and in a Buddhist temple she puts an incense stick," says a close friend of hers.

She is also passionate about the

esoteric, UFOs, palmistry or the occult

so much that Doña Sofía came to attend

courses at the University of San Bernardo


Jiménez del Oso

or the tarot reader Octavio Aceves participated.

They are also

vegetarians and supporters of natural therapies

, although when Irene suffered from breast cancer in 2002, she turned to traditional medicine.

Irene is considered by many to be a kind of

secular nun,


she was not short of suitors

, because in addition to being a princess of Greece and Denmark, she was quite attractive.

Among them his cousin

Mauricio de Hesse

, son of Princess Mafalda of Savoy, Michel de Orleans, son of the Count of Paris,

Jesús Aguirre, later husband of the Duchess of Alba

, and

Guido Brunner

, German ambassador with whom he used to have a picnic in the Kontiki coffee shop in Madrid.


her relationship didn't work out

, perhaps because of her atypical and independent personality, or because, as she admits, jokingly, "it's impossible to live with me."

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