U.S. Trade Representative Dai Qi made her first visit to Canada on May 5-6.

During the period, when responding to the media on the recent launch of the US tariff review process against China, Dai Qi said that the US is launching a "strong" consultation mechanism for this purpose and will not make a decision in a "vacuum".

  Dai Qi said that on the review of tariffs imposed on China, the US authorities hope for feedback from all sectors of the economy and all stakeholders, because it involves making decisions that affect the world economy.

The United States needs to focus on a "durable and effective" strategy to improve its ability to compete with China in the current global environment.

  The Office of the United States Trade Representative announced on May 3 that the two actions to impose tariffs on Chinese goods exported to the United States based on the results of the so-called "301 investigation" four years ago will end on July 6 and August 23 this year, respectively.

The office has immediately started a review process for the relevant actions.

  On May 6, Dai Qi and Canada's Minister of International Trade, Export Promotion, Small Business and Economic Development Wu Fengyi visited multinational enterprises and science and technology parks in Toronto.

  During Dai Qi's visit to Canada, Wu Fengyi and her focused on the cooperation between Canada and the United States in strengthening cross-border supply chains, implementing the US-Canada-Mexico Agreement, and promoting trade under the framework of the Group of Seven (G7) and the WTO.

Wu Fengyi raised several concerns from the Canadian side, including the US imposing protective tariffs on Canadian solar products and the US imposing "unreasonable" tariffs on cork products.

  In 2021, trade between Canada and the United States will hit a record high of $1 trillion.

  (Reporter Yu Ruidong made Yue Ziyan)

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]