China News Agency, Washington, May 7th. Qin Gang, Chinese Ambassador to the United States, expressed in Washington on the evening of the 6th that he hoped that Chinese Americans will act as promoters of Sino-US friendship, actively promote exchanges between the two countries in various fields, enhance understanding, resolve differences, and promote cooperation. Eliminate confrontation.

Only when Sino-US relations are stable can the Chinese be good.

  Qin Gang was invited to attend the reception held by the Committee of 100 at the Museum of Chinese Americans in Washington on the same day.

He made the above remarks in his speech.

"I would like to take this opportunity to invite all friends of the Council of 100 to seriously think about three questions. This is also the question that I have been thinking about since I took office."

  Qin Gang said, what role should Chinese Americans play in the development of Sino-US relations?

China-US relations are currently encountering serious difficulties.

China is regarded as the most serious competitor or even the number one threat to the United States. In the face of various misunderstandings, misreadings and misjudgments, the risk of confrontation and conflict is on the rise.

Sino-US relations are not only related to the future and destiny of the world, but also directly related to the survival and development environment of Chinese Americans in the United States.

"Chinese Americans are both American citizens and have natural ties with China. I hope you will act as promoters of Sino-US friendship, actively promote Sino-US exchanges in various fields, enhance understanding, resolve differences, promote cooperation, and eliminate confrontation. Sino-US relations are stable, Chinese people to be good."

  Qin Gang pointed out that what should the Chinese community do to completely eliminate the hatred of Asia and China in the American society?

Chinese Americans have been discriminated against for a long time in history. In the past two years, they have also been treated extremely unfairly due to issues such as the new crown virus.

Faced with the rise of racism in the United States, the Chinese-American community must unite, take action, raise their awareness of participating in and deliberating in politics, actively integrate into the local society, and better safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

  "How can we strengthen the identity of the younger generation of Chinese and make them proud of being Chinese?" Qin Gang emphasized that no matter where they are, Chinese are descendants of Yan and Huang, with yellow skin and dark eyes. This is a gift from their ancestors.

The younger generation of Chinese must understand their "roots", understand the family history and the history of Chinese struggles in the United States, learn Chinese culture, and enhance the bond and goodwill towards their home country.

  Qin Gang finally said that the Chinese embassy in the United States will continue to do more work to prevent the spread of hatred against Asia and China in the American society and to improve the situation of the majority of Chinese.

Hope Bairen will play a bigger role in this.

"I also hope that you can work with me, through various means, to let Americans understand China, the Chinese, and China-US relations correctly." (End)