A Palestinian attempting to infiltrate into Israel from the occupied West Bank was killed late Sunday by the Israeli army while an Israeli policeman was injured in a stabbing attack in Jerusalem, Israeli forces and medics said.

The new violence came hours after Israel announced the arrest, after more than 48 hours of an extensive manhunt, of two Palestinians suspected of killing three Israelis in the city with an ax on Thursday. Israeli from Elad.

After the attack Thursday night, police launched a manhunt by releasing the photos and names of two Palestinians suspected of carrying it out.

According to witnesses, the assailants jumped out of a car and started attacking passers-by with axes before fleeing in the vehicle.

Three Israelis were killed and four injured, one of whom is in critical condition.

The suspects were found near the town of Elad, located near the metropolis of Tel Aviv.

They surrendered and made confessions, according to an Israeli military official.

A man stabbed an Israeli policeman

On Sunday evening, a Palestinian who tried to enter Israel through the separation barrier from the occupied West Bank was killed by the Israeli army, the army and a hospital said.

Soldiers shot him "according to the procedures".

A spokesman for the Israeli Sheba Hospital later told AFP that the Palestinian had died of his injuries.

Also in the evening, a man stabbed an Israeli policeman near the Old City of Jerusalem before being shot and wounded by Israeli forces, Israeli police and medics said.

The policeman was taken to hospital.

18 people were killed in March in anti-Israeli attacks

The attack in Elad on Thursday took place on the day of celebrations for the 74th anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel, which for Palestinians represents a "Nakba" ("catastrophe", in Arabic) and is synonymous with exodus for hundreds of thousands of them.

In total, since March 22, 18 people have been killed in anti-Israeli attacks in Israel and the West Bank, carried out by Israeli Arabs and Palestinians.

In the wake of the first attacks, Israeli forces carried out operations in the West Bank, particularly in the Jenin region where the attackers came from.

Twenty-eight Palestinians, including attackers, were killed.


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