Foreign Minister Hayashi, who visited Fiji, a Pacific island nation, met with Prime Minister Bainimarama to discuss security agreements between China and the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific, and to realize a "free and open Indo-Pacific". We agreed to strengthen cooperation.

The meeting was held for about 50 minutes from 9 am on the 7th of Japan time.

In this, Foreign Minister Hayashi strongly condemned Russia's military invasion of Ukraine and pointed out the importance of unity of countries that share basic values ​​as the foundation of the international order is shaken.

He also exchanged views on the fact that China and the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific have signed a security agreement, and confirmed the close cooperation between Japan and Fiji for the peace and stability of the region.

On that basis, they agreed to strengthen cooperation toward the realization of a "free and open Indo-Pacific".

In addition, Minister Hayashi thanked Fiji for its cooperation in the activities of the Self-Defense Forces in Tonga, which was damaged by the large-scale eruption of a submarine volcano, and promoted cooperation including exchanges between authorities in the fields of security and defense. I confirmed that I would do it.