China News Service, May 6th. According to a comprehensive Korean media report on the 6th, South Korean Prime Minister Kim Fuqian said that South Korea's new crown death rate to the total population and the new crown death rate are both at the lowest level among OECD member countries. South Korea's new crown Epidemic prevention work has been successful.

Data map: On March 23, local time, in Seoul, South Korea, citizens were queuing for a new crown test.

Image source: Visual China

  However, due to the death of more than 23,000 people from the new crown, and the direct blow to small industrial and commercial households and self-employed, Jin Fuqian apologized for this.

  As of 00:00 local time on the 6th, South Korea added 26,714 new confirmed cases of the new crown, with a total of over 17.464 million cases; 48 new deaths, a total of 23,206 cases.

  The Public Data Analysis Research Group of the National Institute of Mathematical Sciences in South Korea expects that the number of newly diagnosed cases in South Korea will continue to decrease, but it may reach a new high around September or November.