On May 6, 2022, Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng pointed out in his speech at "Seeking Peace and Promoting Development: Online Dialogue with Think Tanks of 20 Global Countries" that various absurd arguments have recently emerged around the Ukraine crisis, making China innocent. gun".

  For example, China and Russia's "friendship between the two countries has no end, and cooperation has no restricted area" is interpreted as China's "prior knowledge" and "endorsement" of Russia's special military action against Ukraine.

Such an attempt to blame China is absurd.

China is neither a party, nor the perpetrator, why should China be held responsible for the conflict between Russia and Ukraine?

Sino-Russian relations are based on the principles of non-alignment, non-confrontation, and non-targeting of third parties. The expression of endless friendship and no forbidden zone for cooperation reflects the reality and vision of Sino-Russian relations.

China talks about friendship with other countries, and has never set limits on cooperation.

On the other hand, some countries have artificially created restricted areas to develop relations with China, and even used competition and confrontation to define bilateral relations and restrict cooperation between the two sides. How can such a relationship be successful?

  There are also arguments that China is on the wrong side of history by not joining the US and the West in condemning sanctions against Russia.

China has always pursued an independent and independent foreign policy of peace, insisting on determining its own position based on the merits and indiscriminateness of the matter, and not following trends, trends, and others.

Since the Russian-Ukrainian conflict broke out, China has upheld fairness and justice, worked hard to persuade peace and promote talks, and actively participated in humanitarian assistance without making small calculations or seeking personal interests.

On the other hand, some major powers not only did not encourage peace talks, but instead threatened to use the Ukraine crisis to weaken Russia and fight against Russia until the "last Ukrainian".

They regard Ukraine as a consumable material and cannon fodder to bring down Russia, and use the lives of Ukrainians to satisfy their great power ambitions and achieve their geostrategic goals.

  There are also arguments that the United States cannot ignore China when dealing with Russia, and strive to win the two wars in Europe and the Asia-Pacific at the same time.

They attempted to open up a "second battlefield" and spread the war to the Asia-Pacific.

The United States pursues the so-called "Indo-Pacific strategy", threatening to reshape China's surrounding strategic environment if it cannot change China's system.

Recently, the United States has been "showing its muscles" at the door of China, piecing together various anti-China circles, and even making a big fuss about the Taiwan issue to test the red line. Isn't this the Asia-Pacific version of "NATO's eastward expansion"?

If left unchecked, it will eventually push Asia-Pacific into a fire pit.

China insists on peaceful development and never stirs up trouble. It is unreasonable to target China. The attempt to replicate the Ukrainian crisis in the Asia-Pacific will never succeed.