The State was ordered to pay just over 1.4 million euros to the City of Paris to compensate it for the damage caused during the demonstrations of "yellow vests", announced the town hall of the capital on Friday.

The two convictions were handed down by the Paris administrative court and relate to “the period from November 2018 to December 2019”, explained the town hall in a press release.

Arc de Triomphe vandalized

During this period of just over a year, Paris had been the scene of the biggest demonstrations of the social movement, regularly punctuated by violence, clashes with the police and damage.

During the first weekends of mobilization, the Arc de Triomphe had notably been vandalized and "yellow vests" had forced the entry of the ministry of the former government spokesperson, Benjamin Griveaux.

In March 2019, the famous Fouquet's brasserie was burned down at the top of the Champs-Elysées.

Toulouse already compensated

In one of the decisions rendered on Wednesday and consulted by AFP, the court considered that "the damage was indeed committed during demonstrations on the public highway".

"If the presence of

black blocks

is sometimes mentioned in the minutes, the findings also report degradations committed by demonstrators", observed the court.

“Such degradations are therefore the result of a crowd (…) and not of an organized group formed for the sole purpose of committing crimes”, continued.

Therefore, “the City of Paris is entitled to seek the commitment of the responsibility of the State.


At the end of April, the administrative justice had already condemned the State to pay a little more than 1.2 million euros to the municipality and the metropolis of Toulouse, in compensation for the damage caused by the movement of "yellow vests".


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