A terrifying and moving scene for his loved ones.

On April 26, a dead woman suddenly woke up in Peru.

She regained consciousness in the middle of her own funeral, reports the

Daily Mail

relayed by



Rosa Isabel Cespede Callaca, 36, died of her injuries after a violent road accident.

But during his funeral, his relatives heard a noise coming from the coffin, as if someone was knocking inside.

The cemetery caretaker then opened the lid of the coffin and discovered that the deceased…was not.

An ongoing investigation

"She opened her eyes and was sweating," the man testified.

“I rushed to my office to call the police.

The 30-year-old was immediately taken care of and transported to the hospital.

But after a brief moment of improvement, he was pronounced dead again a few hours later.

An investigation has since been opened to determine whether the caregivers were negligent.

It would seem, according to the first elements, that the doctors confused the deep coma of the victim with a state of death following the car accident.


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