Europe 1 Studio SEASON 2021 - 202207:00 a.m., May 05, 2022

The famous French writer Emile Zola was 48 when he met Jeanne Rozerot.

The young seamstress becomes his mistress and gives him two children.

Three years later, his wife Alexandrine discovered the pot of roses through an anonymous letter.

In this new episode of the Europe 1 Studio podcast "At the heart of History", Clémentine Portier-Kaltenbach continues the story of the double life led, in the 19th century, by the author of 





When Zola publishes 

Doctor Pascal

 in the Rougon-Macquart series, Alexandrine discovers there the romantic transposition of her husband's relationship with Jeanne Rozerot.

Humiliated, she threatens Zola with divorce… But the illustrious novelist realizes that despite his feelings for Jeanne, he cannot bring himself to live without his wife!

In this new episode of the Europe 1 Studio podcast "At the heart of history", Clémentine Portier-Kaltenbach tells how Zola managed to reconcile his two loves.

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"At the heart of history" is a Europe 1 Studio podcast

Writing and presentation: Clémentine Portier-Kaltenbach

Producer: Timothée Magot

Directed by: Oscar Vataire 

Distribution and publishing: Eloïse Bertil

Graphics: Sidonie Mangin


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