The facts were violent and occurred on tram line A in Strasbourg on December 19.

Shortly after midnight, at the Porte de l'Hôpital stop in the city center, a dozen young men, all minors, the youngest being 14, attacked one of the passengers, aged 26 years.

The man, who was trying to recharge his mobile phone, was hit several times.

His two telephones were stolen from him, indicates a police source confirming information from the

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, as well as a sum of 200 euros and his bank card.

Before leaving the tram, one of the members of the group would also have sprinkled, with a tear gas canister, the victim then on the ground.

This attack earned him 24 hours of ITT.

Thanks to video surveillance which made it possible to identify some of the young alleged attackers, 9 of them were arrested on Tuesday and three others were identified during the hearings.

Placed in police custody, they were transferred on May 4.

According to the


, they have been placed under judicial supervision pending their judgment scheduled for the end of May.

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