Rescue work has continued after an eight-story building collapsed in Changsha, China last week, and there was news that a survivor was rescued after 132 hours.

About 40 people still have not been found.

This is a report by Correspondent Songwook in Beijing.


On the evening of the 4th, five days have already passed since the eight-story building collapsed.

A woman's voice is heard from the pile of buildings.

[Survivor: Are you 119?

She (yes, 119) believed she would come to the rescue.

(You must come.)]

After careful rescue operations to ensure that the wreckage does not fall, a survivor appears.

It is the moment when the tenth survivor is rescued after 132 hours of burial.

[Chinese state-run CCTV relay: The scene of saving lives and creating a miracle of life.]

The ninth woman who was rescued earlier endured the horror of her death for 88 hours by conserving the water half left in a water bottle.

[Survivor / Rescue in 88 hours: I kept hitting with a stick.

Two days and two nights.

(We did not give up and kept looking.)]

The 72-hour rescue 'golden time' has passed, but the rescue operation continues as news of the discovery of survivors continues.

[Survivor / Rescue in 79 hours: Please rescue me quickly.

(We have already come. We have seen your hand.)]

On the 29th of last month, five people have been confirmed dead in the collapse of a building in Changsha, Hunan Province, China.

About 40 people are still buried or missing.

The building in the accident was built as a 6-story building in 2012, but it was extended to 8 stories in 2018 and the structure of the occupants was changed.

Authorities are investigating and arresting 11 people, including building owners, contractors, and officials from companies issuing false safety diagnosis certificates.

(Video source: Weibo, China, video coverage: Choi Deok-hyun, video editing: Yoon Tae-ho)