"Qing" does its best to have me on the front line

Editor's note

Volunteering is an important symbol of social civilization and progress, and young volunteers are the most active and prominent pioneering force.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out at the summary and commendation meeting of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics: "The vast number of volunteers have provided warm-hearted services with their youth and dedication, showing the world the image of vigorous and progressive Chinese youth." Volunteers are affirmed and encouraged by their enthusiastic service and dedication to society in various fields and regions.

The newly released "Chinese Youth in the New Era" white paper shows that by the end of 2021, there were more than 90 million registered volunteers aged 14 to 35 in the national volunteer service information system.

From community management to large-scale events, from poverty alleviation to health, from emergency rescue to cultural inheritance, youth volunteer services have covered all aspects of economic and social development, governance innovation, civilization progress, and people's livelihood improvement. An advocate of energy and a practitioner of new fashion.

On the eve of the May 4th Youth Day, a reporter from Guangming Daily, together with professor Tan Jianguang, an expert in the field of volunteer services, conducted a special survey on the professionalization and innovative development of youth volunteer services.

The research team systematically analyzed the status and development trend of youth volunteer services through online questionnaires (11,986 copies), field visits, and in-depth interviews, and on this basis put forward countermeasures and suggestions for improving the youth volunteer service system.

  "Why did you choose to volunteer?"

  "I want to do something meaningful for my hometown."

  "A sentence from the volunteer sharing meeting - 'use limited time to do something unforgettable for a lifetime', planted the seeds in my heart."


  During the survey, young volunteers first revealed their original intention to participate in volunteer services.

From international events to epidemic prevention and control, from rural revitalization to grassroots governance, more than 90 million young volunteers are scattered across China, shining like stars in the vast sky.

The survey data shows that young volunteers participate in various types of volunteer services, including social welfare services (59.74%), care and assistance services (38.76%), environmental protection services (32.14%), community development services (31.12%), and rural revitalization services. (15.45%), growth coaching services (15.44%).


The same regretless youth with different service methods

  The blossoming "little snowflakes" reflect the light of Chinese youth.

"Standing only a few meters away from the podium, listening to the national anthem, my heart is full of passion." Zhao Kexin, a volunteer for the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games and a student from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, recalled excitedly.

  In large-scale competitions, young people are always the main force of volunteer service.

According to statistics, more than 18,000 event volunteers and 200,000 city volunteers were used for the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

Young volunteers actively give full play to their professional advantages and innovate service methods.

For example, the health monitoring data program written by Yan Huayi, a master of computer science at Tsinghua University, can monitor the health of venue personnel.

  While serving well, young volunteers shoulder the mission of telling Chinese stories and spreading Chinese voices.

Posting Spring Festival couplets and cutting window flowers, students from Beijing Foreign Studies University and the British delegation carried out the activity of "Celebrating Chinese New Year and Writing Chinese New Year Couplets" on New Year's Eve; The Chinese Medicine Experience Hall will explain the charm of Chinese medicine to international friends and athletes.

  IOC President Bach thanked the volunteers in Chinese at the closing ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

After the final award ceremony of the Beijing Winter Paralympics, the Slovak athletes gave Zhao Kexin a Slovak badge.

With their bright youthful smiles and high spirits, the young volunteers have built a bridge to communicate world friendship, showing the world the image of vigorous Chinese youth.

  The shimmering light turns into a torch, warming the front line of epidemic prevention and control.

"When I heard that I needed volunteers, I gave up the Spring Festival holiday and returned to the hospital." Xu Min, a young volunteer of the Nanshan Volunteer Service Team of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, said that when the epidemic first broke out, there was a shortage of manpower. , and immediately invested in sorting out the anti-epidemic materials donated by the society.

  Since the outbreak of the current round of the epidemic, Shandong has established a total of 2,394 youth volunteer service commandos for epidemic prevention and control, with 128,000 young volunteers taking up their posts; as soon as the first batch of young volunteer recruitment orders in Jilin were issued, more than 28,000 young people quickly assembled; Nearly 20,000 young volunteers in Hainan have accumulated more than 146,000 hours of service... In the face of the epidemic, young volunteers charged ahead in a scientific and orderly manner, building a warm line of defense to protect life.

  "Wearing protective clothing for a long time to do nucleic acid testing is boring and tiring." Wang Zhipeng, who is also a member of the Nanshan Volunteer Service Team, said that once a child drew a stick figure for them, and at that moment he felt that the job was very honorable.

  The sweat of youth swayed on the hot land of rural revitalization.

In the resettlement site for poverty alleviation and relocation in Qiaowan, Xinglong Community, Shuangjiang Street, Jiangkou County, Guizhou Province, Yang Lei, born in the 1990s, is recording the family situation of every household here, "Some old people and children were not quite used to it when they first moved in. I often teach them safety knowledge. The residents are also very kind to me, and they even invite me to eat at home during Chinese New Year and festivals.”

Yang Lei came to Qiaowan to participate in the poverty alleviation work as a volunteer of the "Western Project".

  According to statistics, the China Youth Volunteer Poverty Alleviation Relay Program Postgraduate Teaching Team and the College Student Volunteer Service "Western Plan" have dispatched more than 410,000 graduate students and college graduates to more than 2,100 counties (city banners) in the central and western regions to carry out poverty alleviation and teaching support for 18 consecutive years. , health care and other volunteer services.

  In the survey, young volunteers believe that volunteer service plays a significant role in rural revitalization, which can stimulate farmers' enthusiasm for farming and production (54.84%), improve farmers' ability to participate in market management (46.63%), and enhance farmers' interest in planting and breeding (40.06%).

"After some villagers learned cooking skills, they opened a breakfast shop at their doorstep, which increased their income a lot." Wu Guangpeng, a volunteer of the "Western Plan" for Youth Rural Revitalization Night School in Chunhui Community, Duyun City, Qiannan Prefecture, Guizhou Province introduced, young volunteer The "Youth Rural Revitalization Evening School" opened to impart cultural knowledge and industrial skills to villagers through classrooms to help rural revitalization.

  Pieces of "red vest", "embroidered" this picture of good community governance.

In recent years, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and the China Youth Volunteer Association have promoted the "create a better community together" action, inspiring young volunteers to help solve thorny problems faced by community development.

He Maolin, head of the Hubei Provincial Youth Volunteer Action Promotion Center, said that this is a new exploration of youth volunteer services. By accurately meeting needs, it promotes community governance and promotes the progress of social civilization.

  "Our service station currently has 21 regular volunteers, and college students majoring in social work and law also often come to volunteer," said Xu Lihua, a volunteer at the Huangtian Multi-Mediation Service Station in Bao'an, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province.

Huangtian Multi-media Mediation and Litigation Service Station mainly provides legal support for community residents and enterprises. When young volunteers participate in mediation at the service station, they can also lead the mediation object to participate in grass-roots governance, become new volunteers, and promote "the common people's affairs for the common people themselves". solution”, exploring a path for cultivating a community of co-construction, co-governance and sharing.

  The survey data shows that the respondents believe that the role of volunteer service in community governance is reflected in many aspects, such as enhancing the public's awareness of the community environment (63.77%), enhancing the public's enthusiasm for participating in public affairs (56.02%), and enhancing the public's awareness of community construction and transformation. Willingness to participate (34.30%), etc.

Young volunteers go deep into the community, get close to the masses, and actively explore governance forms and service methods that are suitable for local conditions and needs, which can really produce practical results and benefit the masses.

  Accelerate and accelerate again, devote yourself to emergency rescue, and hold up the "boat of life".

In recent years, the emergency rescue service of young volunteers has developed rapidly, and gradually established a young professional rescue volunteer force under the guidance of the National Emergency Management Department and promoted by the China Youth Volunteer Association, as well as various spontaneous and active diversified rescue forces.

In the Blue Sky Emergency Rescue Volunteer Service Team, the Rams Club Emergency Rescue Volunteer Service Team, and the Pineapple Emergency Rescue Volunteer Service Team, young volunteers account for more than 70%, playing the mainstay role.

  In July 2021, the flood situation in Henan is serious and needs support.

The Pineapple Emergency Rescue Volunteer Service Team has just completed the Sichuan rescue service, and quickly rushed to Zhengzhou to participate in the flood relief volunteer service.

For more than 80 days and nights, they transferred more than 4,000 people, transported more than 180 ships of daily necessities, and voluntarily disinfected 16.4 million square meters.

After the rescue in Henan, the volunteers from Pineapple Emergency Rescue got into the vehicles to fight the flood in Shanxi.

new look

Pursue value and growth, move towards socialization and specialization

  The survey found that in the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the development of youth volunteer service presents new characteristics and new trends. The main manifestations are: youth volunteers pursue value and growth, and youth volunteer services are becoming socialized and professional.

  Reflect value in disseminating ideas and caring for the people.

The research team found that while young volunteers enthusiastically carry out service activities, they also pay attention to and think about the meaning and value of volunteer service, and pay attention to spreading positive values ​​through volunteer service.

Especially in the new era of civilized practice volunteer service carried out in recent years, the youth group actively participated in the service activities of spreading new ideas and leading new fashions.

From the survey data, the service content of this group mainly includes: disseminating mainstream ideology (40.39%), caring for groups with special difficulties (49.48%), mediating family and neighbor disputes (22.50%), assisting rural revitalization (27.72%), using Specializing in popular science services (9.57%), etc.

Among them, the options of disseminating ideas and theories and caring for the masses were selected with the highest proportion. It can be seen that young volunteers strive to combine the party's scientific theory with their own service practice, deepening understanding and raising awareness in action.

  Demonstrate growth in moral development and ability improvement.

Obtaining self-experience and self-growth in volunteer service is an effective way to cultivate young people's ideology and morality.

In recent years, the Central Civilization Office, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, and the Ministry of Education have paid special attention to volunteering services for college and high school students, promoting ideological education and moral development in practice.

Wu Guangpeng, a volunteer of the "Western Plan", said that the two years of volunteering has been his fastest growing period. First, he has a deeper understanding of agriculture and rural farmers, and secondly, he has made himself a more comprehensive perspective on things.

The survey found that in terms of motivation and demand for volunteer services, the proportion of young volunteer groups who chose to "exercise their abilities", "increase social knowledge, and gain and enrich their own experience" was 21% higher than that of other volunteer groups, respectively. around 6%.

It can be seen that young volunteers are in the stage of learning and growth, and they expect to expand their knowledge, increase knowledge, exercise ability, and improve their personalities in volunteer services. The growth needs are very prominent.

  The process of youth volunteer service organization management and participation is socialized.

On the one hand, it is the socialization of organizational management, that is, to reduce administrative and mandatory restrictions, and to stimulate greater vitality of youth volunteer service organizations.

Youth volunteer associations and youth volunteer service teams in various regions are exploring aspects of adhering to the leadership of the party, highlighting the leadership of the regiment, innovating organizational mechanisms, and enhancing service vitality.

Another aspect is the social participation of young volunteers.

While encouraging youth groups in institutions and fields such as institutions, schools, enterprises, communities, and rural areas to participate in voluntary services, more and more emerging youth groups, such as returnees from overseas studies and courier brothers, actively participate in voluntary services and become new Active power.

The Shenzhen Public Safety Volunteer Federation's "One Call and One Hundred Responses - Safe City, Peace of Mind" project, through empowering "delivery boys", "safe agents" and "bus captains" to become professional mentor volunteers and professional skills volunteers, to achieve Three-level linkage with emergency centers, hospitals and community health service centers effectively complements and improves the "pre-hospital first aid" system.

  The youth volunteer service project is based on the specialties of volunteers and highlights specialization.

In recent years, more and more youth voluntary organizations have used their professional expertise to carry out innovative volunteer service projects.

For example, Zhang Jiaxin, a teacher at the School of Information and Communication Engineering at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, founded the "Sunset and Morning" technology-based public welfare project for the elderly since 2011, and built a public service platform covering 250,000 elderly people in 29 cities. Volunteers help the elderly quickly integrate into the information society.

In the survey, the professionalism recognized by young volunteers includes: giving full play to the role of volunteers' own professional skills in volunteer service (74.84%), continuous improvement of volunteer service skills and abilities (66.89%), and continuous standardization of project management (38.99%). ), theme training or supervision of volunteer service (16.19%), quantitative evaluation of the effectiveness of volunteer service implementation (12.20%), etc.


Adapt to the needs of the times and improve the youth volunteer service system

  The youth volunteer service in the new era has continued to develop in a good trend, and the value of volunteer service has also been widely recognized.

However, there are still some problems in the development of youth volunteer service that deserve attention.

  Unbalanced development between urban and rural areas.

In recent years, the status quo of youth volunteer services is as follows: youth volunteer services in large and medium-sized cities are abundant, while youth volunteer services in mountainous and rural areas are lacking; youth volunteer services in eastern coastal areas are mature, and youth volunteer services in central and western regions are still weak.

When the research team conducted research in the remote mountainous areas in the west, many grass-roots cadres said, "Every year, some urban volunteers come to us to provide services. We feel that the volunteer service is very good, and we want to organize it among the villagers, but the volunteers in the city leave. After that, everyone didn’t know what to do, and in the end, a truly active volunteer team was not established.” It can be seen that how to promote the institutionalization of volunteer service resources in large and medium cities and coastal areas and the institutionalization of mountain and rural areas is worth further discussion.

Project service is difficult to sustain.

At present, young volunteers have innovated and implemented many projects to serve the society. The China Volunteer Service Exchange Conference and Youth Volunteer Service Project have been held for many years, and many excellent projects have also been accumulated.

However, many projects encountered problems such as brain drain and insufficient resources during the development process, making it difficult for them to develop sustainably.

During the survey, volunteers from many counties, towns and villages reported that, in addition to the efforts of the service team, the key is the lack of intelligence, resources, environment and other "ecological chains" that support the sustainable development of volunteer services.

Incentive protection is lacking.

In recent years, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and the China Youth Volunteers Association have promoted the formulation of an incentive and guarantee system for young volunteers.

However, the implementation of these systems in various regions faces constraints of different situations and conditions, and needs to be further refined to promote effective implementation.

In addition, in response to the problem of irregular registration of some volunteers, the supervision and management of voluntary organizations should be strengthened in accordance with laws and regulations.

  At present, my country has entered a stage of high-quality development. Youth volunteer services should actively adapt to the progress of the times, build and innovate the youth volunteer service system in a multi-dimensional manner, and enable youth volunteer organizations to form a new pattern of vitality and prosperity.

  Promote the pairing of urban and rural youth volunteers.

In the past, some urban young volunteers went to the mountainous and rural areas mainly to provide services such as teaching support, agricultural assistance, medical assistance, and assistance to the disabled.

In the future, more emphasis should be placed on cultivating and developing rural volunteers, and encourage the pairing of youth volunteer service teams in large and medium cities and coastal areas with youth volunteer service teams in mountainous and rural areas.

Since the reform and opening up, many rural youths in Wuhua County, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province, located in remote mountainous areas, have come into contact with volunteer services after going out to work, spreading the spirit of volunteer service to their hometowns and encouraging villagers to build volunteer teams.

In 2010, Wuhua County established the earliest volunteer federation of mountain counties and cities. Develop social emergency rescue and disaster relief teams.

During the establishment process, youth volunteer organizations in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Foshan and other places provided professional support for the commandos.

Therefore, it is necessary to promote the popularization of more "love hand in hand" programs, so that rural young volunteers can obtain the support and guidance of urban volunteers, so as to improve the level of volunteer service more quickly.

  Strengthen youth volunteer service training.

In view of the weak professional ability of some young volunteers and related organizations, it is necessary to further build a diversified and flexible youth volunteer service training system.

The first is to build youth volunteer colleges, training centers, service training bases, youth volunteer service lecturer groups, mentor groups, etc., not only to carry out centralized teaching and guidance for volunteer groups, but also to carry out group counseling and project supervision in rural communities.

The second is to develop a series of online and offline youth volunteer service courses.

According to the needs of the development of different types of volunteer services, a curriculum system has been gradually formed, including the management ability training of the heads of volunteer service organizations, the organization and implementation ability training of volunteer backbones, and the project service ability training of ordinary volunteers.

  Integrate social resources to promote voluntary services.

The sustainable development of youth volunteer services requires the support and guarantee of social resources.

The first is to increase financial support for volunteer services. Relevant departments should provide more financial support for special youth volunteer actions, the development of youth volunteer organizations, and the dissemination of youth volunteer service culture.

The second is to cooperate with enterprises to establish a youth volunteer service fund to support young volunteers to carry out innovative and exploratory service projects.

The third is to unite with various legal and compliant social charitable foundations and public welfare funds, and include youth volunteer services into the scope of fund funding.

Support young volunteers to adapt to the needs of groups with special difficulties, and carry out more volunteer services to help the weak and the needy.

The fourth is to carry out donation activities for youth volunteer service projects for the majority of urban and rural people, not only to provide financial support for volunteer services, but also to spread the spirit of volunteerism and promote volunteer services.

In recent years, many regions have carried out youth volunteer service activities based on resource collection. For example, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province has launched the "Chuangyi Jucheng" public welfare volunteer service project competition since 2012, collecting civilized practices, caring and mutual assistance. A large number of projects in the fields of , community governance, ecological environmental protection, etc., support young volunteers to provide services to rural communities through a combination of "government support, corporate sponsorship, foundation funding, and public donations".

(Co-authors of the joint research team of Guangming Daily: Tan Jianguang, a professor at the Guangdong Youth League School [Guangdong Youth Politics College], our reporters Yang Tongtong and Dong Cheng; other members of the research team: Li Xiaoxin, Su Min, Zhang Suna, Yao Xiaoyan)