Overseas Network, May 3. According to the ABC report on the 3rd, in the past year, seven sailors on the USS George Washington nuclear-powered aircraft carrier have died one after another, and four of them were confirmed to have committed suicide.

In response to this series of tragic events and complaints from sailors about working and living conditions on the aircraft carrier, the US Navy has decided to allow hundreds of sailors to live off the ship.

  The report said that the vast majority of the approximately 2,700 sailors aboard the USS George Washington had previously been allowed to live elsewhere, while about 400 were required to live on board.

Starting Monday (2nd), the U.S. Navy approved 260 sailors to move away from the ship, allowing them to choose not to live on the ship.

  The Navy also decided to enhance mental health support for sailors, including placing a clinical psychologist and a clinical social worker on board.

  The George Washington aircraft carrier has been undergoing a long-term refueling and complex overhaul at Newport News Shipbuilding, which began in 2017 and was originally scheduled to end in 2021, but has been delayed until now.

The US Army Times website reported on April 19 that three sailors aboard the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS George Washington had died in the past nine days.

U.S. Atlantic Fleet Naval Air Force officials did not immediately release the names of the deceased sailors or explain the cause or circumstances of their deaths.

(Overseas Net Yao Kaihong)