The Nantes public prosecutor's office has opened a criminal investigation on the grounds of involuntary injuries following the fall of a young man from the fourth floor of a student residence, reports the public prosecutor, Renaud Gaudeul.

The accident occurred around 12:45 a.m., on the night of Sunday to Monday, in the De la Salle student residence, boulevard Michelet, north of Nantes city center.

Aged 26, the victim, who suffers from several bills, is seriously injured but his life is not in danger.

A 15 m high waterfall

According to the first elements of the investigation, the man tipped over from a window and landed 15 m lower.

A railing he was leaning on broke.

Design problem?


Lack of maintenance?

The prosecution wants to shed light on what was almost a tragedy.

The De la Salle student residence is operated by the Fac-Habitat association.

The latter manages nearly 12,000 accommodations spread over a hundred university residences throughout France.

Fac-Habitat has four residences in Nantes.

In Nantes, the railing loose, a man falls from the fourth floor


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