There was a struggle between the ruling and opposition parties at a personnel hearing today (2nd) over the development project promoted by Won Hee-ryong, the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, during his time as governor of Jeju-do.

The Democratic Party attacked that candidate Won Hee-ryong, who had highlighted the suspicion of large-scale labor in the last presidential election, gave preferential treatment to a private business operator as governor.

Reporter Jo Yoon-ha reported.


From the beginning of the hearing, Democratic lawmakers launched an offensive over the 'Odeungbong Park Private Special Project', which has been suspected of being the 'second Daejang-dong project'.

[Moon Jeong-bok / Democratic Party Member: It was made in a way that thoroughly benefits the private sector.

It's a very clever technique.]

This project to create a park and apartment complex of about 230,000 pyeong in Odeung-dong, Jeju-si was led by a private company.

However, the rate of return was 1.5 times higher than that of other local governments, raising suspicions that it might have driven profits to a specific private company.

Candidate Won strongly denied the allegation of preferential treatment, saying that he had included a provision for returning the money to the residents in case of excess profits.

[Won Hee-ryong / Candidate for Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport: Oh Deung-bong is the nation's first model case that was made to prevent private contractors like Daejang-dong from driving public land and specific profits…


When I was the governor of Jeju-do, the use of business promotion expenses also surfaced.

The Democratic Party raised suspicions that candidate Won spent more than 15 million won in business promotion expenses over three years at a high-end Japanese restaurant in Jeju, and Won countered that it was "spending for public business."

[Won Hee-ryong / Candidate for Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport: In any case, no corporate card was spent except for meetings for public service as the governor.]

However, the Democratic Party even mentioned the possibility of criminal prosecution, saying that the submission of data for business promotion expenses was insufficient.

[Cho Eung-cheon / Democratic Party Member: Consistent with all kinds of excuses to the National Assembly, while obstructing verification by refusing to submit data, he opens a self-hearing on his YouTube channel and praises himself…


As the workshop replayed during the last presidential election, the direction of the new government's real estate policy was not discussed.

(Video coverage: Kim Nam-seong, Video editing: Kim Jong-mi)