"Juvenile violence has become a global phenomenon. It affects without distinction cities, countryside, working-class neighborhoods, rural areas, public spaces or schools", indicate these Essonne elected officials from all sides who signed this forum.

This department in the southern suburbs of Paris has been particularly affected, for many years, by the phenomena of sometimes very violent clashes between young people from rival neighborhoods.

"In 2020, a quarter of the brawls recorded in France took place in this department", with 91 clashes recorded in this territory of around 1,300,000 inhabitants, they recall.

In 2021, three young people, including two teenagers, were killed during these brawls in Essonne.

But this department "remains (if) clearly understaffed in public services of the State", they denounce in the text carried by the elected LR François Durovray.

Essonne suffers from a deficit of “teachers, supervisors, school doctors or child psychiatrists” but also of “police officers, gendarmes” as well as “magistrates”.

"Compared to its population, Essonne should have 200 additional police officers", criticizes the text published in Le Monde.

"As we have 42% fewer judges per inhabitant than the national average, offenders are too often released without any criminal response", is it also written in the forum.

This open letter concludes with a call to the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron to go to the department to "officially commit to increasing the number of State public services for law enforcement, justice and the 'education".

Last month, a 15-year-old boy was seriously injured in the chest by a stab wound in front of a high school in Longjumeau.

His vital prognosis was engaged for a while before his condition improved.

In another case in Evry, a 14-year-old was also seriously injured last week by a stab wound to the thigh, which hit the femoral artery.

The alleged perpetrator was charged with attempted murder and remanded in custody.

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