The trial of a French man in his fifties suspected of having raped a young girl in the Philippines between 2015 and 2017, then of having shared the video on the Internet, opened on Monday before the assizes in Tours.

A restaurateur in front of the judges

This restaurateur had gone to the Philippines where he had invested in a pizzeria in Dumaguete, on the island of Negros, after leaving the establishment in which he worked in France.

He had been arrested near Tours in September 2017, during a return to France.

This 51-year-old man is notably prosecuted for rape of a minor under the age of 15, possession and dissemination of child pornography images, and participation in a criminal association with a view to preparing a crime.

He faces up to twenty years in prison.

Spotted by the SRPJ of Lyon

Spotted by a cyber-patrolman from the Lyon SRPJ on a pedophile forum on the darknet, the accused broadcast at least 14 child pornography videos.

He was then identified by French and Australian police.

The young victim, aged 9 at the time, had been forced into prostitution by her uncle.

She met her alleged attacker in a hotel after taking the plane.

She is due to testify Tuesday by videoconference from the Philippines.

For these facts, the uncle was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Philippine courts.

A dismantled network project

In another part of the trial, the 50-year-old told the undercover policeman that he was on a "plan" in France to abuse two young girls aged 5 and 8, at the initiative of the mother of the two children.

Except that this “mom” was in fact only another man, who appears to him under judicial control.

The latter, aged 58, proposed his wife's daughters using photos of his granddaughters.

An appointment had been made when the main accused returned to France.

During his auditions, the second man declared that he never intended to make this appointment a reality, evoking a “fantasy”.


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