United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Sunday urged rich countries to "take action" on the climate emergency and fulfill their pledges of financial aid to developing countries.

“It is time to take action.

It is time to keep the promise of 100 billion dollars a year made in Paris,” said Antonio Guterres in Dakar, in a reference to the commitment made by the developed countries, but so far unfulfilled, to grant collectively this sum to the countries of the South from 2020 to help them finance their ecological transition and adapt to the consequences of global warming.

"The climate emergency increases the security risk"

The UN Secretary General made this statement after meeting the Senegalese Head of State, Macky Sall, President-in-Office of the African Union (AU) on the first day of a regional tour that will also take him to Niger. and in Nigeria.

"The climate emergency [...] increases the security risk", declared Antonio Guterres while West Africa, weakened by the Sahelian crisis has been destabilized a little more by the military coups that have occurred successively since 2020 in Mali, Guinea and Burkina Faso.

“African countries, often the first victims” of climate change

"African countries, which are not responsible [for climate change], are often the first victims," ​​added the UN chief, judging "essential that half of climate funding be devoted to adaptation programs and resilience in order to help vulnerable communities”.

The promise of funding of 100 billion per year from developed countries to poor countries from 2020 was made during the signing, in 2015, of the international climate agreement in Paris aimed at limiting global warming. the planet.

According to a report commissioned by the British presidency of the last conference of the parties on climate change (COP26), held in Glasgow in November 2021, this objective could be achieved three years behind schedule, in 2023.


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