China News Service, Shandong Haiyang, May 1st: China's first-class maritime launch home port, the Oriental Spaceport, completed 3 rocket launches

  Author Wang Jiaoni Jiang Yajing

  Along the newly built Aerospace Avenue in Haiyang City, Shandong Province, all the way south to the sea, the Long March 11 carrier rocket on the sea launch platform entered the sea from here, and asked about space again.

  The Long March 11 carrier rocket completed the "one arrow and five stars" sea launch mission in the Chinese waters on April 30.

As the only sea launch technology service port in China, Shandong Haiyang Oriental Space Port has completed three maritime rocket launch support tasks so far.

  At present, a world-class sea launch home port is accelerating the construction of Haiyang, Shandong, to welcome China's high-frequency and normalized sea launch era.

  "Previously, after the rocket production was completed, it had to be assembled into a whole rocket for testing, and then transported to the launch site by rail after the test. After testing, loading and other links, after transfer on board, the whole system is trained together, and the launch can be completed after sailing to the scheduled launch area, and the whole process only takes 3 to 4 days.” The overall design of the Long March 11 launch vehicle launch support system Teacher He Xuan said.

  It is reported that compared with the previous two sea launch missions, this sea launch has achieved localized final assembly test and launch preparations such as docking of satellites and arrows, which greatly shortens the mission cycle and simplifies the operation process. .

  Haiyang City is located in the southeastern part of the Shandong Peninsula. The Oriental Aerospace Port located here is an aerospace industry cluster constructed according to the idea of ​​integrating aerospace R&D, manufacturing and launching. It is not only a production base for solid launch vehicles, but also a technology center for the preparation of space launch stars and rockets. .

  After several years of rapid development, Dongfang Aerospace Port has the ability to produce 20 solid launch vehicles per year for final assembly testing and maritime launch support, which provides the necessary conditions for high-density commercial launches.

  The Oriental Aerospace Port also recently launched the "Oriental Eyes" intelligent remote sensing constellation plan to extend the aerospace industry to aerospace information services.

  Up to now, the spaceport has introduced 12 aerospace industry-related projects, involving R&D and manufacturing of satellites and rockets, satellite data applications, aerospace high-end supporting facilities, aerospace + marine engineering equipment, aerospace transportation and carrying services, aerospace cultural tourism, aerospace technology applications and other fields.