The Presidential Takeover Committee said, "As promised with small business owners, President-elect Yoon Seok-yeol will use more than 33.1 trillion won for emergency support for small business owners and the self-employed immediately after taking office."

In a statement on the morning of the 30th, the office of the spokesperson for the transition committee said, "The emergency rescue support that the elected person said will be implemented even if we promise."

The spokesperson's office of the transition committee made this statement today, it is interpreted to be to evolve the controversy about breaking the promise due to the differential payment of compensation to small business owners.

“The emergency relief measures announced in September last year will provide various support such as loss compensation, finance, and re-startup support to small business owners and the self-employed by investing 50 trillion won right after taking office.”

"Just before the election, I promised to pay more than the 3 million won that the Democratic Party had agreed to pay in lump sum to small business owners, depending on the damage," he said. I did.

The transition committee said, "We are planning to provide support in excess of 10 million won for some small business owners."

(Photo = Insuui Photo Reporters Group, Yonhap News)