Authorities in Beijing, the capital of China, where the number of people infected with the new coronavirus has begun to increase, banned all restaurants in the city from eating and drinking during the consecutive holidays from the 1st to the 4th of this month, and banned eating out. We announced new measures that we do not admit.

It seems that they are nervous about the spread of infection in the capital, but it will be a big blow to the food and beverage industry.

In China, five consecutive holidays began on May 30th last month, but Beijing officials have said that the number of infected people in the city has been increasing to nearly 300 since 22nd last month, and infection control during consecutive holidays Announced to strengthen.

Specifically, during consecutive holidays, all restaurants in the city are prohibited from eating and drinking in the store, and eating out is not allowed by only delivery work.

In addition, in Chaoyang Ward, which is the center of the city where many infected people live and about 3.4 million people live, two additional PCR tests will be conducted for residents during consecutive holidays, and to isolate infected people. Announced that it is constructing a large facility in Chaoyang and has already secured 4000 beds.

It is predicted that this holiday will significantly reduce the movement of people due to infection control measures, but strengthening the measures will be a big blow to the food and beverage industry, where sales are declining.

In addition, the city authorities will be required to show a negative certificate within 7 days when visiting public places such as commercial facilities, restaurants, office buildings and using public transportation after the 5th of this month after consecutive holidays. It seems that they are nervous about the further spread of the infection in the capital city of Beijing.