As a cabin host in Sitojaure, Agnetha Karlsson has received the snowmobile drivers, skiers and dog handlers who travel along the Kungsleden and who have chosen to spend the night in the Swedish Tourist Association's (STF) cabin.

To help her, she has, like every other year, her partner Mojje Björn.

- Sometimes it is very hectic.

And sometimes, like today, it's very calm.

When we have guests, I make sure that everyone gets off to a good start and then, if we have time, we like to go on a day trip or fish.

And sometimes it is wood sawing or snow removal that has been a lot this period, says Agnetha Karlsson.

Guests need help and rest

Sitojaure is located between Saltoluokta and Aktse and as a cottage owner she meets people who have been out on hardships in the mountain world.

They may sometimes need both rest and help.

- There are several this year where the sledges have broken in the brackets.

And it is tents that have blown apart then when the weather was so hard.

In Sitojaure there is a tool shed where they have some tools and other things that can be useful if you are forced to make a temporary repair to be able to complete the mountain trip.

- Otherwise it is mostly abrasions or that someone may have fallen and been beaten.

Or that someone does not have the strength to go down (to Saltoluokta) or has cut himself in the foot.

And in the worst case, you have to call for help.

60 centimeters of snow overnight

The vast majority still manage the mountain stay without any major worries.

- But one night we got sixty centimeters of fresh snow.

It went over my knees.

From the cabins, the gaze can travel several kilometers and the white mountains are beautifully marked against the clear blue sky.

- It's incredibly nice.

Especially in the morning and in the evening, then it is a very beautiful light over the mountains, says Agnetha Karlsson.

What makes you like to return to Sitojaure to be a host?

- I have been doing outdoor life all my life.

Went for a walk and hiked and skied in the mountains.

And I thought that as a pensioner, I now have the opportunity to be here for a whole month and to stay in this environment.

So that's probably the biggest reason.

We think it's incredibly wonderful.

With the views and the silence.