China News Service, April 29th. On the morning of the 29th, Liang Wannian, the expert group leader of the National Health Commission's Leading Group for Epidemic Response and Disposal, said at a press conference of the State Council Information Office that in the face of the repeated impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, if we take measures to deal with the virus The coexistence of the so-called "lying flat" strategy will face serious risks of running on medical and health resources, and the health of a large number of patients with underlying diseases, the elderly, children, pregnant women, etc. will be threatened; at the same time, it will also affect economic and social development. will have a serious impact.

Under such circumstances, we must adhere to the general policy of "dynamic clearing" and adhere to our strategies and measures unswervingly.

  At the meeting, a reporter asked a question and said that there is a view that the spread of Omicron is very rapid, but the proportion of mild and asymptomatic among infected people is relatively high. Everyone believes that my country's epidemic prevention policy can also choose to lie flat.

How do you feel about this view?

  In this regard, Liang Wannian said that from a global perspective, the strategies and measures adopted by various countries to prevent and control the new crown pneumonia epidemic are first determined based on his prevention and control philosophy.

China's prevention and control philosophy has always been to adhere to the people first and life first, that is to say, the concept of people-centered and health-centered epidemic prevention and control.

Under this big idea, we adhere to the general policy of dynamic clearing, and at the same time, as the epidemic situation changes, we are constantly optimizing and improving various prevention and control measures.

It can be said that through our efforts, we have effectively protected the people from the harm of diseases caused by natural infection such as so-called herd immunity and natural immunity. The normal production, life and economic development of the vast area.

  Liang Wannian introduced that, from an international perspective, some countries have chosen the so-called "lay down", which means that two immune conditions coexist.

First, through natural immunity, that is, herd immunity, let him be naturally infected, and a relatively large number of people have been infected with the new crown virus.

On the other hand, they also get active immunity through active vaccination.

Our country mainly increases the resistance and establishes the immune barrier through active vaccine immunization.

At present, my country has vaccinated more than 3.3 billion doses of the new crown vaccine, and 90% of the population has been vaccinated, but it is still unbalanced, especially in different regions of different ages, and there is still the problem of unbalanced vaccination rates. If we add more We should do our best, especially to increase the vaccination rate of vulnerable groups such as the elderly and children, and to achieve a controllable active immune barrier.

Compared with uncontrollable passive immunity, we believe that active immunity is better.

  Liang Wannian pointed out that my country is a country with a large population, regional development is unbalanced, medical resources are generally insufficient, and resource allocation is unbalanced.

The vaccination rate of "one old and one young" is generally not high enough. In the face of the repeated impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, if the so-called "lying flat" strategy of coexisting with the virus is adopted, medical and health resources will face a serious risk of running on, and a large number of The health of people with underlying diseases, the elderly, children, and pregnant women will be threatened.

At the same time, it will also have a serious impact on economic and social development.

  Liang Wannian emphasized that in this case, we must adhere to the general policy of "dynamic clearing" and adhere to our strategies and measures unswervingly.

Of course, it is also necessary to continuously optimize and improve prevention and control measures, which is also a time window.

If we step up vaccination and accelerate the research and development of drugs, vaccines, etc., we may seize this opportunity.

When we have some relevant conditions, such as a high vaccination coverage rate, especially for the elderly and other vulnerable groups, the vaccination coverage rate is further improved, and medical resources, isolation beds, effective drugs, material supply, emergency mechanisms, etc. have been prepared in various places. At the same time, effective drugs can be widely used, the virus does not show worse and new mutations, but is milder, and the risk of death is within the range we can bear. With these relevant preparations, we will surely be able to defeat the new crown pneumonia epidemic.