This morning (29th), Li Bin, deputy director of the National Health Commission, said at a press conference of the State Council Information Office that "dynamic clearing" is the "magic weapon" for China to prevent and control the epidemic.

  Li Bin introduced that the practice of epidemic prevention and control for more than two years has proved that the practice of "dynamic clearing", which is found and extinguished together, has maximized the protection of the lives and health of the people, and minimized the impact of the epidemic on the country's overall economic and social development. Influence, the way is right, the effect is good, it is the "magic weapon" for China to prevent and control the epidemic.

  From the defense of Wuhan, to the normalized epidemic prevention and control, to the whole chain of precise prevention and control against Delta and Omikron, we have always adhered to the general policy of "dynamic clearing", found together and extinguished together.

Practice has proved that "dynamic clearing" is the best choice for coordinating epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, and it is the bottom line that my country's epidemic prevention and control must hold.

  At present, the clustered epidemics in Jilin and other places have been effectively controlled, and the battle to clear Shanghai has achieved initial results, and the national epidemic has shown a fluctuating downward trend.

  Li Bin emphasized that "dynamic clearing" is not absolute "zero infection". In the face of the challenges of mutant strains such as Omicron, we have not been able to guarantee that there will not be a single local case, but my country has accumulated rich prevention and control practices. A set of effective prevention and control measures have been adopted, and according to the new changes in the virus and the new situation of the epidemic, the prevention and control measures have been continuously optimized and upgraded according to the situation.

  (Reporter Shi Yingchun and Yang Yi of CCTV)