"I am making the difficult decision to leave our political family".

Close to Christian Estrosi, elected in the 5th constituency of the Alpes-Maritimes, the deputy LR Marine Brenier decided to abandon her party, pressed, she said, by Eric Ciotti.

In a message to her colleagues this Friday, she explains that her "geographical location" makes her task "most difficult".

Éric Ciotti asked me to choose between the nomination of my political family and my commitment to #Nice06 alongside @cestrosi.

At the same time LR remains silent when E. Zemmour, who demonized Mr. Le Pen, supports E. Ciotti.

A revealing doublespeak.


— Marine Brenier (@marinebrenier) April 29, 2022

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"My federation president Eric Ciotti asks me to choose between the investiture of our political family and my belonging to the municipal majority in Nice", whose ex-LR mayor is now supporting the President of the Republic, she adds. .

She does not want to have a macronist candidate facing her

"There are now three political blocs: the far right, the far left and the majority and moderate bloc," she said in a statement, before explaining that she too had chosen her side.

I am now convinced that the legacy of Sarkozy's UMP can only be expressed by a large majority behind Emmanuel Macron.


According to a parliamentary source, Marine Brenier wishes not to have a Macronist candidate facing her in the legislative elections.

The deputy adds: “Whether it is within the presidential majority or in what Republicans will survive, our ideas and convictions must not be extinguished”.

After their disastrous score of 4.8% in the first round of the presidential election, Les Républicains risk breaking up while a certain number of elected officials are tempted to join the macronie.


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