Current political micro-records丨Warm - Xi Jinping and college students

  Respecting education and encouraging learning is the foundation of building a country; cultivating talents and cultivating talents is the priority of government.

  No matter when he was working in the local area or after serving as the general secretary, Xi Jinping often walked into the campus to communicate, communicate and communicate with college students, and he was always concerned, caring and caring for college students.

  In 1984, in Zhengding, Hebei, he invited the college students who had returned to his hometown for research to eat, and he greeted everyone to "eat more, and buns can be eaten as you like." It's normal"; in 2016, in Hefei, Anhui, he shook hands with his classmates one by one in the rain, and the process lasted for more than ten minutes...

  His exhortations are familiar to us, and we feel the warmth.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping once said, "Every year around May 4th, I leave this time for young people to get along with young students and visit schools."

  Before the May Fourth Youth Day this year, he once again came to the side of college students and friends to be the leader of young people on the way to pursue their dreams.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping walked into the smart classroom of the ideological and political course of Renmin University of China, sat with the young students, listened carefully to the class, and discussed actively.

  People's leaders are both teachers and friends. They are sincere, warm, and a force to move forward.

  "I hope everyone will bear in mind the teachings of the party, aspire to national rejuvenation, live up to the youth, live up to the times, live up to the people, run hard on the track of youth, and strive to achieve the best results of your generation!"

His exhortation we will not forget his warmth and we will remember

Take the responsibility of the country with my youth

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