Two detainees from the Chambéry remand center (Savoie) were arrested on Wednesday after a brief escape attempt.

Aged 18 and 30, they were quickly found and brought back to prison, reports France 3 Auvergne Rhône-Alpes.

The alert was given at 7 a.m., after the opening of the main door of the penitentiary establishment for the departure of the night guards.

After sawing off the bars of their cell, the detainees visibly went through the roofs and descended to flee once the door was opened.

The two criminals arrested

Armed with an iron bar, they threatened an overseer who chased them until he gave up his pursuit.

A police rescue unit was then alerted and found the two fugitives 45 minutes later in the neighborhood of the remand center.

The two detainees, convicted of murder for one and of attempted murder and extortion by violence for the other, returned to their cell.

After this incident, the prison union denounced the working conditions in the establishment, "dilapidated" and suffering from "penal overcrowding of more than 216%".


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