China News Service, April 28th. On the 28th, the Ministry of Education held a press conference to introduce the progress of the construction and application of the national education wisdom platform.

Xu Mei, director of the Information Office of the Ministry of Education and spokesperson, said at the meeting that the national smart education platform was officially launched on March 28, launching three resource platforms for basic education, vocational education, and higher education, as well as the "24365" college student employment service platform. .

Over the past month, the Ministry of Education has continued to carry out work, the resources on the platform have been continuously enriched, the number of page views has increased significantly, and the user activity has continued to increase. Schools around the world have actively followed up to strengthen the promotion and use of the platform. The construction of the national smart education platform has been fully affirmed.

  Xu Mei pointed out that the resources of primary and secondary schools have increased from 10,752 before the launch to the current 28,568. As of yesterday, the cumulative total number of views reached 2.22 billion.

Among them, the two sections of "special education" and "after-school service" have a total of 370 million page views, effectively serving the "double reduction" after-school service work.

At the same time, the platform for primary and secondary schools has effectively supported "suspending classes without stopping school", and the average daily pageviews in the eight provinces where the epidemic was more severe exceeded 2 million.

  Xu Mei said that recently, the mobile “Smart Primary and Secondary School” APP of the National Smart Education Platform for Primary and Secondary Schools has also been officially launched.

The APP is the same as the web site, and has 6 types of resources, that is, special education, course teaching, after-school services, teacher training, family education, and practical experience in teaching reform. At the same time, teachers, students, and parents can register and log in according to different user identities, and have corresponding different access rights.

"Smart Primary and Secondary Schools" also adds the functions of resource operation and interaction. All video resources can be projected and played, and course teaching resources can be cached and viewed offline.

It is particularly worth mentioning that if you encounter problems during the learning process, you can also click "Ask" to ask questions and communicate with the class teacher.

At the same time, "Smart Primary and Secondary Schools" also provide support for teachers to carry out organized education and teaching activities, and provide teachers and parents with home-school coordination functions.

  Xumei revealed that since the launch of the higher education platform, the number of page views has reached nearly 9 million, and peak time reached 7,000 per second. The visiting users cover China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia, In 129 countries on six continents including Brazil and South Africa, more than 25,000 courses have been viewed and clicked, accounting for more than 93% of the national courses.

The vocational education platform has gathered nearly 2,000 professional teaching resource libraries, more than 6,000 online quality courses and more than 2,000 video open courses, which effectively promotes the integration and sharing of high-quality resources.

The "24365" college student employment service platform also has very good application effects.

  Xu Mei said that since the launch of the national smart education platform, netizens have also put forward many good opinions and suggestions. The relevant departments of the Ministry of Education are conducting serious research and continuous optimization and improvement, and strive to make the platform better meet the education of teachers and students. need.

At the same time, focusing on strengthening the construction of platform resources, application promotion, optimization and upgrading, and building a platform system that connects the upper and lower levels, the Ministry of Education will also carry out the pilot work of the national smart education platform, so that the platform can be deeply embedded in education and teaching, personnel training, and social services. Further play the leading role of reform, innovation and service.