China News Service, April 28th. In response to Australia's hyping of the so-called "China threat", Tan Kefei, deputy director of the Ministry of National Defense Information Bureau and Ministry of National Defense spokesperson, said on the 28th that some people in Australia regard the country's construction and development as a security threat, and they themselves Intimidate yourself and discredit others with suspicion.

  On the afternoon of the 28th, the Ministry of National Defense held a regular press conference.

At the meeting, a reporter asked: According to reports, some Australian officials claimed that China's research and development of hypersonic missiles poses a threat to Australia, and will start new trilateral cooperation with the United States and the United Kingdom on hypersonic, anti-hypersonic, and electronic warfare capabilities; The growing "threat" posed by Russia and China will accelerate the launch of the arms upgrade plan.

Does the spokesperson have any comments?

  Tan Kefei responded by saying that the United States, Britain and Australia have carried out military cooperation in sensitive areas such as nuclear submarines and hypersonic missiles, provoking escalation of confrontation, and seriously impacting the peace and stability of the Asia-Pacific region. China expresses serious concern about this.

China adheres to the path of peaceful development and always pursues a national defense policy that is defensive in nature.

Some people in Australia regard the country's construction and development as a security threat, frighten themselves and smear others, which is not only detrimental to regional security and stability, but will also jeopardize their own credibility.

  "We have noticed that a member of parliament in Australia recently published an article saying that China does not pose a military threat to Australia, and that the current government's wrongdoing has exacerbated bilateral tensions. We urge relevant Australians to correct their misunderstandings and stop malicious speculation to avoid The relationship between China, Australia and the military has suffered further damage," Tan Kefei said.